The Plothole

In NeS1 Post 46, Ares, the God of War, decides to change the rules of his tournament to keep things fresh - now implementing a tag system. He tags Gebohq in in his place, who jumps eagerly back into the arena while Ares sits in the bleachers.


(I've got it! I know how to keep the story fresh!)

Ares: "I grow weak. Let's spice things up a bit."

*Ares then turnes the fighting ring to apply to the rules of Tekken Tag Tournament[Ext 1]!*

Ares: "I tag Geb!"

*Ares flips out of the ring and into the bleachers where Gebohq takes his place. His stance is much like Lei Wulong[Ext 2]'s.*

Geb: "Alright! I love that game!"

*will Rob decide to continue fighting or tag someone in for his place?(waves hand in front of Rob X's face)You WANT to tag in Arbiter...*


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