In the Writers' Room for NeS1 Post 282, Otter the Writer appears to be in disguise as Rich Uncle Pennybags and makes the proposal that they bring back The Crow's Nest to the story wherein TheOtter hosts 1920s parties with illegal alcohol. MaybeChild the Writer beats him up when the real Otter the Writer enters and watches Pennybags running away. Krig the Writer wonders if this is just one bad joke, to which everyone agrees it is.


*Back in the Writer's Room all the writers are bickering @ each other and throwing crazy ideas out their heads*

Otter the Story Writer(wearing a bad mustache disguise):"Hello my name is Mr. Pennybags[Ext 1], and I think we should bring back Otter's Crows Nest and have several posts which Otter hosts wild & crazy Speakeasy[Ext 2] parties w/ Flapper[Ext 3] girls and Sem the Canadian bootlegger deliver his 'Spirituous beverages' for all to imbibe generously, w--

*Suddenly Maybe the Story Writer lunges @ Ott 'Mr.Pennybags' and starts to beat him senselessly w/ her notepad*

¤Otter the S.W. walks into Writer's Room¤

Mr.Pennybags(running out of room):"Sanctuary!"

Otter(running after him):"Uncle Pennybags! Come back!"

Maybe:"Uh,uh...what are you all looking @?!"

Krig S.W.:"Is this thread just one continous bad joke?"

Everyone(in unison):"Yes..."


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