In NeS1 Post 272 The Otter makes a joke that MaybeChild should get to use the Porkus Malorkis because all members of the party ought to carry a sword at all times - everyone else being male and, therefore, having their own 'swords'. Krig is confused by the remark and is quick to tell everyone he has no sword but an axe, which makes the men laugh more. MaybeChild, however, is unimpressed.


*Confidently in front of the group*

Otter:"Well you know guys it does make sense that Maybe gets the Porkus Malorkus--

Maybe(interrupting):"Why Thank You, Otter!"

Otter:"--because ii is fair that all members carry 'swords' w/ them @ all times." ;`]

*Everyone laughs except for Maybe who is scowling @ Otter for making such a Freudian comment and Krig just cause hes Krig*

Krig(confused):"Krig not have sword, Krig have axe."(points to axe)

*Guys start laughing even louder*

Maybe(looks exhausted of the men in the group):"really now..."


Britt's Commentary

"Otter's sexual innuendo here is not, in fact, 'Freudian[Ext 1]'. Freudian, in this context, would usually refer to a Freudian slip[Ext 2], which is done unconsciously but Otter was very deliberate." ~ Britt the Writer


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