In NeS1 Post 226, The Otter drives his car up to the tall radio station tower atop of the colosseum where he was expecting to find a gaggle of bikini-clad women as was discussed by the Writers in NeS1 Post 221. Instead, however, he is met by Totallyevil, the sister of Semievil, who brains him with a block of cheddar cheese.


*Otter still thinking that the writers approved the bikini hoe-down on top of a skyscraper, drove his souped-up jet-black Karmminghia[Ext 1] to the top of the arena's nearby home radio station*

Otter:"uh...where are all the half-naked girls?"

female voice from the shadows:"We're over here!"


*female voice turns out to be Semievil's sister, Totallyevil. she smacks Otter unconscious w/ a giant block of cheddar*

Totally:"Behold! The Power of Cheese!"


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