NeS1 Post 221 is set in the Writers' Realm where the Writers consider where to take the Story next. The Editor demands ideas and while MaybeChild the Writer suggests time-travelling to the 1960s, both Gebohq the Writer and Otter the Writer suggest turning the Story into a porno. Antestarr the Writer perked up at the mention of being fired, gleeful at the prospect, while Gebohq the Writer continues his porn pitch. MaybeChild the Writer offers him money if he would stop talking about sex for just an hour, to which Gebohq the Writer is dubious if he could manage it.


*In the Massassi's Interactive Story Board officce building, the storywriters ponder wearily over a volume of forgotten lore. That's right, the Neverending Story Thread, a tale of characters much like themselves who find themselves pitted against each other, there was a purpose at one point. Anywhos, the writers sat, drudging over where to take the story next.*

Sem: about we post about a tragic tale of how the lands were swept of Coke[Ext 1] and Everquest[Ext 2]?

Editor Chief: No, that wouldn't work. Something else...

Maybechild: How about the fighters go back in time? Like the late 60's! A-

Chief: No, that doesn't do either.

Geb: How about we get an audience? I know! Make this into a porn flick!

Chief: As tempting as it Anything else?

Otter: (just woke up) Oh-oh! How about we make this into a porno flick?

Chief: *sigh* Do you all want to get fired or something?

Antestarr: YES!

*Antestarr is then knocked unconscious by another Peep[Ext 3] thrown by Otter. The editor sighs again.*

Geb: You know you want to do the porno...set it on top of a skyscaper...have a bikini hoe-down...

Maybe: I'll give you $20 if you just stpo talking about sex for an hour. OK?

Geb: I don't know... an hour is a long time...


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