In NeS1 Post 161 Semievil gets an energising device, a bunny suit from The Crow's Nest and applies them to the Gonk droid. He straps the Narrator to the droid and lets it loose - the Gonk speeding around the arena until it is propelled out of it. The post was also edited to reflect events in a later post, NeS1 Post ?, in which characters from Star Trek arrive to fix the time paradox created by this post conflicting with NeS1 Post 160. In NeS1 Post 160 Gonk was destroyed by The Otter but Semievil333 the Writer missed that and used him in this post. The conflict was resolved in-post, reflected here by the change in name from "Gonk" to "Gonk2m4".


Sem finally decides just to do away with this whole business once and for all.

Sem, at the official's table:"yes I need a pocket-sized fusion generator."

Official:"well young man, you'll need forms 1582, 1584, and 1589, certification of in-state residence, and a quantam physics safety certification."

Sem produces the required items, and recives a bluish-glowing cylander marked "energizer" he then runs back to the crow's nest and stats looking through the otter's things.

comming to the closet, he flips through 2 pairs of black-leather pants, a black leather thong, and a few of the otter's prized volumes, and finally comes to a pink-velvet bunny suit.

returning to gonk2m4, he strapps the narrator to the top with some leather bonds he found in the crow's nest, and pop's out gonk2m4's duracell[Ext 1] battery. replacing it with the energizer fusion thingie, he clads gonk2m4 in the bunny suit, and ZOOOOOM!!!!!

at a rate of 587 "gonk"'s per second the little guy shoots off, gone out of the arena forever....... we think.

<<<<<The events in this post have been altered to concern Gonk2m4, which was reconstructed by the crew[Ext 2] of star-trek[Ext 3] from the molten puddle of Gonk left behind by the wet rat, in order to restore the space-time continum


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