In NeS1 Post 160 The Otter refuses to allow Gebohq to kill the Gonk droid. Instead he wants to kill it and he uses his Vulcan's Flames to burn it up. He then goes off with Antestarr to try and find Twin Suns so they could beat him up.


TheOtter:"Im not gonna let you kill Gonk[Ext 1]!"

*Otter pushes Geb away from Gonk, and approaches Gonk*

Otter:"No fair, i never get to kill any characters!"

*Otter snaps the fingers on both of his hands and "Vulcan's Flames" appeared @ their tips. he spun them in an outward direction toward Gonk and they coiled out into balls of flame that quickly melted Gonk down to a pool of metal*

Antestarr:"that wasn't nice..."

Otter:"wanna help me hunt down and 'maim' the Sun Twins?"



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