In NeS1 Post 159 Gebohq Simon has gone insane from eating a Twinkie, based on information from Lord_Crud the Writer in NeS1 Post 158. Gebohq falls from the window of The Crow's Nest and, after landing in the bleachers, murders his friend Rob X. A Gonk droid shows up and Gebohq threatens to destroy the Gonk with his lightsabre.


*Semievil stands before Gebohq and theOtter, having failed in making Geb fall for the ol' "Virgin eyes, walk into prox mines" trick.*

Sem: Now come here and fight like a man. Er...on second thought, don't try too hard. I'd like to win.

*Semievil had no reason to say such things though, as Gebohq was still "temporarily insane".*

Geb: Oh I'll show you! Lemme just gedout mah- rubber duckie, and...and..

*Gebohq was stumbling towards the window that overlooked the arena, and not looking, promptly fell out. After falling to teh ground, Geb got up and brushed himself off, as if nothing had happened, and made his way to Rob X, and promptly killed him. A line of people watched the horrific event, and each of the following made their cry heard.*

Ping: NOOOOO!!!!

Morris: NOOOO!!!!

Ares' clone: Argh.

random R2 unit[Ext 1]: BEE-BOO-BEEP!

*Semievil and theOtter had just reached Gebohq in time to witness the event also, and Sem turned to Otter.*

Sem: Where did that little droid come from?

Otter: Got me. But look! Our lovable pal Gonk[Ext 2] is here too!

:::GUEST STAR!!!::: /////GONK!/////

Gonk: Gonk, gonk-gonk.

Geb: Ah shush-up.

*Gebohq made his way to slash his saber at Gonk.*

Will Geb kill Gonk in an act of "temporary insanity"? Will Hostess[Ext 3] be sued for letting twinkies get into the wrong hands? Will-

random guy: hey! shut up!

NO! I'm tired of being pushed around! Nobody loves me! You can't fire me, because I quit!

Antestarr: Will our not quite-so-lovable narrator leave for good? Will every post always have to end with a cliffhangar and questions to be answered? Will...


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