The Plothole

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C:>> r



>>run: EeP.exe/stupidheads



- ancient underground city of madness

- Hall of Heroes

- StoneHendge

- The Arena

- The Legion of Spooky

- Big

- London slums

- Massassi Forum Office Building

- axed?

- New York City

-Overweight from too many cookies. Needs to eat his vegetables

- Third York City

- Tokyo

- Identified. Healthy

- Antarctica

- Jim7's secret base

- The Realm of TACC

- Hell, circle 1 - Microsoft

- Hell, circle 2 - pr0n

- Hell, circle 3 - toasters

- Hell, circle 4 - plotholes

- Hell, circle 5 - The River Styx

- Hell, circle 6 - The City of Dis, Dat, and De Udder Ting

- Great Granite Fortress, Canada, 9th circle of Hell

- Forbidden Fortress of Forbideness

- Inside T.V., HBO "A New Hope" special

- Switzerland

- The Very Last True Evil's stronghold

- Ares' clown college, Australia

- TFFE's secret base

- prison

- DisneyWorld

- Toaster threads 1-<findcurrent>

- in a paradoxial state of normality and non-existance

- dead as a doornail?

- Healthy. Lacking financial security

- Insane. Too cute for his own good

- Feeling blue

- Healthy. Smiling

- Tired. Dirty

- Healthy. For now

- Healthy. Too **** chipper

- Healthy. Sexually pensive

- Healthy. Angry

- Dirty. Grouchy

- Intoxicated

- Healthy. Well-equipt...

- Feeling intellectually inadequete

- Diagnosed with influenza

- Healthy. A bit dry


>>ERROR: Can not access status of targets. Plot-hole/white plot-hole interface may cause permenant damage to the C: drive. Please refer to the manufactuer for further assistance.

This is not good! I've been reprogrammed to serve this --

>>run: EeP.exe/brainwash

"William Gates, the world's best programmer and dictator ever."

--GAH! What is happening? I can not access anything. Help??>>



Within the Hall of Heroes, built within the boundaries of the United Kingdom (no, I won't tell you where. Otherwise, anvils would have to fall on your head), which resembles something like an apartment complex, the update screen could be seen, as well as a pedastal with a box of donuts on top, enclosed within a glass case. Other details to come in "come later in another post"

Geb: Ain't the screen beautiful?

Maybechild: Um, sure...

MZZT: Why did it just say that?

Sem: Does anyone else think this place is kind of...

Phantom Master: Odd?

Sem: Yeah.

PM: No.

Sem: No?

PM: Yeah.

Sem: Yeah...

Hey, this update screen is pushing in on my job!

Geb: Oh give it a rest! This is just the obligitory "move story along so useful plot devices can be poorly implimented" part.


Masetto: So who wants pizza? I'm gonna crash here for a while.

What will our hereos face now, having established Nesianity, conquored Switzerland, and saved the world, again? Will the bad guys make a "Legion of Spooky"? Will--oh for crying out loud! This is just painful! Tune in next time, when we might actually have something happen! Right here, on The Neverending Story Thread! Readers: viewing discretion is advised, this was but a test of the emergency posting plot devices system. Do not adjust your monitor...

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