The Plothole

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Due to the lack of success in conjuring Beezlebub from the depths of Hell to write this next scene for his soul, Geb the writer opts to write the posts himself. Yes kids, this will be a scary sight indeed...

Meanwhile, making way through Darkside's Castle of Ominousnes, our heroes draw close to facing Darkside to save the world yet again. They walk, watchful of their steps, as they trek across a suspended walkway, high above and outside the walls of the castle.

Maybe: Holy... uh, explitive! Those Survivior rejects almost ensnared us into their poorly-crafted jungle traps and mauled us.

Randy: Where's TheOtter?

Janitor Bob: He took one for the team when we faced off against Beta Squadron.

Geb: Why... why couldn't I have been sacrificed to the seductive women... *starts to cry*

Maybe: So who's left?

J-bob: Uh...Well we lost Cooked and Masetto back at Alpha Squadron when they were sucked into trying to culture and out-do their coolness, respectively. And TheOtter back at Beta...and we lost Krig, TLTE, MZZT, and the Phantom Master jsut now escaping the Gamma Squadron. And uh...

Maybe: I get the point.

Antestarr, glides gracefully down by parachute.

Ante: Hey, there, I didn't miss Beta squadron, did I?

Geb: Actually, they're back down the way, with theOtter.

Ante: NOOOOO!! *Attempts to run back down the path but is restrained by Geb and Maybe.*

Ante *sobbing*: Why me... why us...

Geb: Hey, if I can't get any, neither can you! And how did you know about Beta squadron anyway?

Ante: I've been... uh... researching. Yeah... researching... *Shoves picture into pocket.* Ah well. Hopefully this recently developed bomb defibrillator will come in handy.

Geb: Bomb defibrillator?

Ante: Never know when a resurrected bomb'll come in handy.

Continuing down the walkway and in through the door, our remaining heroes end up on a balcony above the scene below in which Losien has just freed herself and is rushing towards the bomb. The Pizza Delivery Boy tears off his shirt to reveal a spandex outfit with a big "l33t" on the front. He then moves to intercept the Typo Monster.

l33tMAN: i AM Lee+M@|\|, PRotECtOR 0f @ll NON-L33+! PR3P@RE T0 Be r0><or5 1|\| YOUR 8OxOR5!

Typo monster: Raaaaigh1 i whill defeat yoiuo!'

l33tMAN: Y0ur p00R +yp1|\|9 5|<1LL$ 4RE n0 |\/|4+C|-| fOr my lEeT Ar5E|\|4L, +yPo |\/|O|\|S+3R!

Typo moster: yu wil diee, teh s;ow amd paonfil wau!

Geb: What are they saying?

Maybe: Who cares? The point is, they're out of our way.

Geb: Oh yeah. But what about them?

Gebohq points to the infamous bad guys.

Maybe: Meh. We'll just do the usual "mass-battle" routine where nobody really gets anywhere and chaos ensues in a nice, orderly manner.

Geb: Sounds like a plan!

While all the heroes face off with a respective bad guy, Losien diffuses the bomb.

Antestarr: NOOOOOO!!!!

Antestarr then lunges forewards, using his bomb difibulator, and ressurecting the bomb.

Maybe: Ante, you idiot! Now the world is in threat of being destroyed again!

Ante: Uh...oops?

Bomb: Tick tick tick...

Ante: Hey, you.

Bomb: ?

Ante: See that planet over there? *points to random place in the sky* Go get it!

Bomb: !!!! Tickticktick... *goes off to the sky. A small explosion can be seen in the distance, Death Star Style.

Ante: And Billy!

Bill Gates, like a dog, rushes up to Antestarr.

Ante: Go take your friends out for a round of drinks.

Snapping his fingers, Bill Gates orders everyone out of the castle and off to the nearest pub (which happens to be far far away. How convinient, ain't it?)

Geb:, that was kind of anti-climatic.

Ante: And?

Geb: So where's Darkside?

Just then, the OLTE steps up to the heroes.

OLTE: Darkside managed to escape. I suppose it helped that I packed his luggage for him...

Randy: Ow! There's an alligator gnawing on my leg!

All the heroes laugh, except for Randy, who's yelling in agony.

With Darkside gone now, our heroes have claimed Switzerland for their own, and with the combined finances of the banks and their earnings back in Tokyo, the heroes head off to the U.K., where they have The Hall of Heroes constructed, leaving Darkside's CASTLE OF OMINOUSNESS dilapidated from the hurricane of mystical swirls, as known as plot holes, that swept recently. HHH with the HHH, Highemperor, HIgh Imp, and other such "details" will be dealt with, right here, on the next post of THE NEVER-ENDING STORY THREAD!

...OK kids, you can look now. Oh wait--sorry, anothe rpost coming up. Better cover your eyes again...

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