The Plothole

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*Suddenly deciding that the battle is not going his way, even with the return of the Narrator, OLTE/Darkside laughs evilly and pushes a button on his throne. Immediately, it launches through the air, crashing through the roof above and leaving the battling NeS-ers below. Shakily, he gets off.*

OLTE/Darkside: Mental note; install hole in roof or purchase crash helmet in next castle.

*He staggers over to a control panel, and reveals his master plan.*

OLTE/Darkside: Ha-haaaaa, the fools! They think they were sooooo smart, coming here to defeat me, but it will be their undoing! For I have built a massive getaway ship on top of the castle; and when I engage the ignition rockets, it will obliterate the castle, and everyone in it! All I have to do is press this b-

*Suddenly, something within him stirrs and turns. OLTE/Darkside moans, and suddenly explodes in a flash of blue light. When the smoke clears, OLTE and Darkside are again separate.*

Darkside: You fool! You are only delaying the inevitable!

OLTE: The return of Disco?

Darkside: No!

OLTE: Another Bee Gees revival?

Darkside: No! The destruction of this castle and everyone in it!

OLTE: Oh, that. Er, I cannot allow that either!

Darkside: Then you shall die most uncleanly!

*He draws a fine-pointed sword and tosses one to OLTE. They begin to fence viciously, as the timer ticks down to the ignition of the getaway ship...*

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