The Plothole

In NeS1 Post 107 Antestarr faces off against Justyn the Thread Killer, the new villain that entered the arena with the intent of shutting down the Story in NeS1 Post 106. They face each other off and the area takes on the scene of a Western, complete with cowboy hats and cardboard town backdrop. Antestarr fires and cuts Justyn's ear. Instantly enraged he cancels the Western parody, heals his ear, and demands a real duel.


*Antestarr and Justyn start eyeing each other.*

Antestarr: Justyn, eh? Never heard of ya'.

Justyn: Antestarr, eh? Never heard of ya'.

Antestarr: That's because I live in a warehouse, down by the asteroid belt! Hey!, if you never heard of me, how'd ya get my name?

Justyn: Uhh... er... umm... that guy told me! *points at Geb*

Antestarr: Mhm... sure... you've been reading ahead in the script, haven't you?

Justyn: Enough, let's get on with this.

*Western[Ext 1] showdown music starts up. Suddenly, there's a cardboard cut-out town square with a clock tower that just reached twelve.*

Antestarr: Well, I reckon, this arena ain't big enough fer the both of us!

Justyn: Well, one of us'll have to be out of here then.

*Both gentlemen put on cowboy hats, put their backs to each other, draw pistols, and prepare to face off.*

Gebohq (now in bystander with bowler hat outfit): Alright, take ten paces, turn, and fire.

Miss Fire (in western damsel dress): Oh my!

*The two gentlemen take ten steps. Both use force speed to turn and fire quickly. Both bullets connect.*

Antestarr: Well, it seems you managed to knock the gun outta my hand, but I took your ear clean off!

Justyn: ENOUGH!

*Justyn heals his ear with the force and the cardboard backdrop disappears along with all the western outfits.*

Justyn: Now, we duel.


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