The Plothole

NeS1 Post 106 sees the meta arrival of Massassi Temple forum moderators who join the audience, except for one - Justyn the Thread Killer, who enters the arena as a great villain determined to close the thread (the Story) down.


*Finally noticing that a story had existed on their forums, the administrators and moderators of the Massassi Temple arrived at the fight of the century...of the week. As the limos pulled up the entrance of the arena and the red carpet was rolled out, the crowd gathered to see the VIP's. The first to step out was Brian Lozier, to which the crowd oohed and ahhed at, camera flashes going off. Next was Nebula, followed by numerous others such as Threedee, Slug, and Speak wielding his mighty spork. JM at one point stepped onto the red carpet theatrically, saying "Ta-da! I'm here!". The audience grew silent as his arrival, crickets being heard in the background. JM snorted and continued walking. The limo drove away as the VIP's took their seats, surrounded by eager fans wanting autographs. As the fight was about to continue, a dark portal opened up and the evil-bad guy music was played as Justyn the thread killer entered the arena!*

*Justyn looked around the now shocked audience, moving and turning his cape all too many times, if not to just hear the noise of it flapping. After the initial shock, the crowd began to boo and hiss, as hte blinking sign above them too.*

Justyn: "Silence! Do you want me to kick you out?"

*The audience promptly quieted*

Justyn: "That's better. (heavy darth-vader[Ext 1] like breathing) I have had my eye on this thread for a while now, and I have decided it is utterly useless, and therefore shall not exist anymore!"

--Will the fighters of the arena join to stop the obvious new bad-guy introduced to hopefully spice up teh story? Tune in next time to find out!--


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