The Plothole

NeS1 Post 100 sees the Monty Python cast accidentally blow themselves up, along with the Rabbit Walkers sent to Ares' Colosseum by The Galactic Empire of the Milky Way. Angered by the deaths, Twin Suns gathers up Antestarr and Miss Fire and they blast off into space aboard his ship, the Red Talon.


Blasting away at the remaining walkers, Twin glances at the Python[Ext 1] crew. 

Twin: Oohhh, the holy hand grenade[Ext 2] of... He didn't pull the pin!!

Suddenly the walkers converge on the Pythons... and one accidentally steps on the grenade.

Author[Ext 3] and knights: O ****, Run AWA...... as the grenade explodes destroying the walkers, and the crew.

Twin: the Empire will pay for such brutality. Miss Fire, Antestarr, I suggest you get to your ships, we're going to have some fun."

With that Twin runs to the Red Talon and powers it up. 

As he exits the arena, his com crackles.

Fire: Twin, where exactly are we going? Twin: To the nearest Imperial signal of course.

With that the enter orbit.

The engines stirred Gebohq and RobX, they open their eyes look around, and go back to sleep. 


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