The Plothole

The Narrator is usually considered to be the narrative sections that describe the actions of Characters, sometimes their thoughts and the general plot. However this narrative text is considered to have a voice by the Characters and often they re able to hear what the voice is saying, revealing hidden clues about the story line that they should otherwise be unaware of. Sometimes the Characters are even able to interact with the Narrator. The Narrator is essentially both a meta-concept of the Never-ending Story but also a Character as the Narrator appears to have his own personality and will frequently engage with the Characters of the story. Tracer, one of the NeS Heroes, had his Potential released and that Potential was known as The Orator, a direct rival to the Narrator.


The Fight of the Century of the Week

The Narrator is often hated on by Characters and Random Audience Members alike. Semievil once tied the Narrator to Gonk2m4 and sent him out of Ares' Colosseum[NeS1 1] until it finally came back down again[NeS1 2] but the Narrator found no respite and was still hunted down by audience members[NeS1 3]. When Gonk2m4 then crashed into Enchilada Man's taco cart, a flying taco fired on the droid but also fired at the Narrator, burning him to a crisp. Semievil, who had the Narrator hog-tied on his back, then took him to Gebohq Simon and The Otter and asked them to help him dispose of the Narrator[NeS1 4].


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