The Plothole

Ms Mezz is a member and teacher of the ST Clan and was a teacher of Maybelle Child.



Ms Mezz is tall, with long legs giving her much of her height, and has very soft, black hair that bunches around the shoulders. She has large, earnest eyes but a patronising smile. Her skin is a dark tone of green.


Ms Mezz insists that duct-tape is called 'duck tape'. She garners great trust in students, including MaybeChild who takes her word as truth[NeS1 1].


Arcane Magic

Aether Transformation

Ms Mezz can transform herself into pure aether, which is considered a dangerous technique, which allows her to travel unseen and without physical form[CatH 1].



Ms Mezz was a teacher of MaybeChild[NeS1 1].

Clear and the Hopeless

The World of Tomorrow

See also: The World of Tomorrow

Ms Mezz is a member of the ST Clan and acts as a teacher to the new Clan members. When the ST Clan was hired to protect the Martian Ambassador Clear, Ms Mezz was one of those tasked to the duty. Though Clear was initially distrustful, Ms Mezz insisted that she was not a slaver, like most other orions are, and Clear was willing to give Ms Mezz the benefit of the doubt[CatH 1].


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