Mother is the Artificial Intelligence of The Hopeful whose physical appearance was modelled after the likeness of the ship's salmitton captain, Clear. Although tethered into the ship itself, she does have a hard-light projector that allows her to have a physical form capable of interacting with the real world. Though she has the appearance of the salmitton mother of Clear, she does not have the personality or the memories of the person. She was installed after the demise of the ship's previous A.I. named Note and while Note was able to run amok with no oversight, Mother is programmed to obey only Clear's instructions. Most people feel uncomfortable addressing Mother as 'mother' when they arrive on the ship.







The Living Daylights

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Before going to the Cosmic Nullius, The Hopeful first underwent some repairs that led to the ship running better than it had in many years. They picked up two passengers too, an ambassador from Saturn by the name of Uppity Bags who Mother showed to his new rooms, and a drow alchemist named Dhaeriend do'Ziikin[CatH 1].

The World of Tomorrow

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Mother's hard-light body was in The Lounge of The Hopeful when she, Clear and Uppity Bags first caught sight of the megastructure that is the Cosmic Nullius. The guidance systems of the sphere activated, which Mother complained about being called 'auto-pilot' when it is she who must pilot. They passed through one of the large gaps in the structure to dock with the planet named The Garage as it was exclusively dedicated to docking ships. The crew then left for the planet as she, and The Hopeful, remained in orbit of The Garage[CatH 1].




Clear and the Hopeless References

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