The Plothole
Miss_Fire the Writer
1999 - 2000
Miss Fire, Miss_FireTW's Character.
First Appearance NeS1 Post 2, NeS1 Page 1
Story Arcs The Fight of the Century of the Week
Characters Miss Fire

Miss Fire the Writer was one of the original Writers for Never-ending Story1 and was the first person to post a continuation of the story following Gebohq the Writer's compilation post from a previous thread. She largely contributed with her Avatar Character Miss Fire.


Miss Fire

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Miss Fire was designed by Miss Fire the Writer and introduced on NeS1 Page 1 where she became acquainted with Galvatron and Gebohq Simon[NeS1 1]. After she accidentally unleashed a horde of living Blobs[NeS1 2], she lured them away from the Arena where many combatants were trying to take part in arranged matches, courtesy of Ares. However she accidentally sent them in the direction of Antestarr who came seeking vengeance and the two struck up a rivalry. After helping fend off attacks from Grand Admiral Thrawn, Miss Fire would escape the doomed Arena but didn't return to the NeS for many Story Arcs.


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