The Plothole
The Plothole
MaybeChild the Writer
2000 ~ TBA
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First Appearance NeS1 Post 164 | NeS1 Page 5
Story Arcs The Fight of the Century of the Week
Characters MaybeChild

MaybeChild the Writer is primarily responsible for the introduction of MaybeChild the Character who has been a major mainstay Character throughout most of Never-ending Story1 and Never-ending Story2 until placed into The Forgotten where she continued to be an integral and prominent role. MaybeChild the Writer began writing for NeS during its earliest years.


The Fight of the Century of the Week

See also: The Fight of the Century of the Week

MaybeChild the Writer returns to the ISB Office, after an absence, and finds Semievil333 the Writer mumbling to himself about Coca-Cola[Ext 1]. She decides not to ask and, instead, goes in search of Otter the Writer to hit him for the posts he made in her absence[NeS1 1]. She chases him with a bat but she becomes distracted by a tour guide's large breasts, trips and breaks Gebohq the Writer's computer[NeS1 2]. Listening to her music loudly, Semievil333 the Writer warns her that her computer is going to overheat. When it does explode, she hides from Semievil333 the Writer behind a pile of books and decides to make a post instead. She, like her Character MaybeChild, likes drinking various teas and listening to music[NeS1 3]. When The Editor wanted ideas on which direction to take the Story, MaybeChild the Writer suggested they could do a time-travelling to the 1960s story but the Editor rejected it. Gebohq the Writer insisted on turning the Story into a porno, despite being rejected too, to the point that MaybeChild the Writer offered him money if he wouldn't talk about sex for just one hour. Gebohq the Writer was dubious that he could manage that long[Ext 2].


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