The Main Character can reference the primary protagonist of any story, however it usually refers to the Main Character specifically of The Never-ending Story and its subsequent iterations. This mantle is given to a specific character around which the story is meant to revolve. The Main Character gives the story a focus and normally the 'main Story Arc' is the one in which the Main Character in involved with, as opposed to the side-arcs of other characters or events. The original pages of the NeS had no such role, but over time Gebohq Simon would be revealed at the Main Character and, thus by extension, the leader of the NeS Heroes. During The Never-ending Story2 the title is passed on to Gebohq's sister Losien Simon. Other Main Characters exist for other NeS-tied stories, such as Britt for Britt: The Legend. For the Hero Force One Story, there is no one single Main Character. It was sometimes used to refer to the Main Cast of Characters.

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