Template:Character Magick Snowflakes is a member of Hero Force One and a powerful magic user with much potential, trained by Dr R. Deep. She considers herself to be the sister to Voodoo Snowflakes, however she is actually the transformed Potential of Voodoo Snowflakes herself - having buried memories of being Voodoo deep in her mind after she was accidentally shot through time to the future. She travelled back in time with her ultimate enemy, the Toasters which had, in the future, taken over the world. After meeting her "sister" and the NeS Heroes, Magick would eventually be employed by Hero Force One to protect the Earth. She fell in love with another team member, Nick, but was distraught when Nick was killed by the Oracle as a sacrifice to summon the Oracle's people, the Prophetim of Ordimar, to the area. She continued to be haunted by this event until High Imp, a new member of the team, showed her a vision of Nick resurrected by his father, Ares, a the new God of Jam Doughnuts. Magick would then be struck by loss when another team member, Qhobeg 2, was put into a coma after using the Deus Ex Machine.

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