The Plothole

Magic is the art of turning aether into substance. Some forms of magic do deviate from this general mechanic, some magic forming from within a person or by some alternative means. Aether emanates from the Cosmic Nexus, each node of that nexus being its very own, unique nexus - such as Earth's Nexus. Magic allows users to perform many incredible, or minor, special feats.

Raw Magic


Aether is the aethereal form of magic; an intangible and invisible gas that hangs in the atmosphere throughout the Multiverse. When it concentrates into large quantities it becomes visiable as aether clouds, such as on Uranus and Neptune[Pan 1]. It can be drawn in to create magical crafts or spells, and be converted into other magical forms. It is generally the material used in spellwork and is the most potent form of magic (citation needed).


Orichalcum is raw magic as a solid state. It is known to be one of the strongest materials in the known NeSiverse and is exceptionally rare. It can be fashioned into specific designs, such as the Dream Gates of The Imperium. It appears like a shinier version of bronze and is brimming with energy, even though it appears inert[Pan 1].


Vril is the raw magic form as a liquid[Pan 1].


Magic can be said to come in various types, each being a kind of speciality.

Dark Magic

There are a variety of dark magics that someone can master[NeS1 1].

Dark Magic Users


Necromancy is power over the undead, able to reanimate corpses of the deceased. Corpses move like puppets on string, in an unnatural fashion. The cult of the White Hands use this power[Pan 2].



The Fight of the Century of the Week

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Space Orca, a man already proficient in soul-channelling, also learnt magic from Merlin. He uses magic to cause a creature to relocate, levitate and even explode[NeS1 2].


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