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Losien October Simon is the current Main Character of the Never-ending Story, the previous Main Character being her brother Gebohq Simon. Formally Losien was the cowardly, uncertain Damsel in Distress in most cases and when she was unexpectedly made Main Character she had very little belief in herself. Despite being incredibly attractive, Losien has always had low self-esteem and this made her highly susceptible to the advances of other Characters involved in the story. This came to a head when The Last True Evil, a Reformed Villain, and Michael MacFarlane vied for her affections. TLTE emerged victorious but the rejection would eventually drive MacFarlane to turning Evil. Besides her love of TLTE Losien's driving force was always admiration for her brother, believing him to be a great Hero (perhaps mistakenly) and now she aspires to follow in his path as Main Character of the Story. Since becoming the Main Character Losien has demonstrated a complete turnaround and is now much more assertive, direct and heroic, encouraged by her team and her newfound self-belief but the spectre of doubt forever pursues her. She was forced to battle TLTE and end his life at the climax of NeS2. She came into possession of talking items - Fred teh Uber Blade and Carlotta the Cape when Soriel was unable to use them and died shortly thereafter, though they were both lost prior to NeS3. She bought the island nicknamed The Ditch to operate as a base of operations for the NeS Heroes.


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She wears a light brown pair of painter’s overalls that cover a pewter shirt along with the rest of her usual outfit for hero duties. She has light auburn hair pulled back, revealing a light scar that clips the end of her left eyebrow and runs to her left temple. She also has brown eyes[NeS3 1].





Fred teh Uber Blade

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Carlotta the Cape

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