Template:Character Lady LightSide, whose real name is Verrine, was once a Fallen Angel descended from Heaven and wrapped up in a love affair with the demon Marcus. Marcus, who was a general for Satan, was likely using Verrine and used empty platitudes to manipulate her into bestowing ultimate heavenly wisdom upon him so that he might take over the Realm of Hell and become its new ruler. However when she tried to do so something went wrong and she was absorbed into Marcus, essentially giving him the ability thence to continue absorbing others. He was then known as DarkSide. However Verrine was still trapped within the entity of DarkSide, being termed "LightSide". Through coincidental circumstances, DarkSide used the body of Verrine to marry Al Ciao in a bid to keep the NeS Heroes from reaching Michael McFarlane in the Memory Lane Story Arc. After consummating the marriage, however, DarkSide became pregnant and was unable to transform into any other form. When evil was expelled from her, LightSide emerged; but still had no memory of her true self until she eventually gave birth to Lior and she separated from DarkSide completely.


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