Template:CharacterKiron Nightstrider is a former imperial royal guard that wound up in the employ of Deonal Strang when an injury left him incapacitated and a civil war broke out around him. He acted as Strang's guard until he learnt that Strang intended to kill Princess Aurora Briarose and mine the remains of his homeworld, Algernon. Kiron had been obsessed with the fate of his homeworld ever since he first saw its destruction using a Dreamviewer. He murdered Strang, forcing those in the room to join him else be seen as traitors. This meant he followed Clear, who had been pressed into Strang's service, and became a resident on her ship The Hopeful. When he saw The Hopeful, however, he saw the same ship that destroyed Algernon in his dream.



Kiron wears red armour[NeS2 1], which is the armour of the imperial guard. While it is similar to the white armour of a stormtrooper, it isn't exactly the same. The helmet is longer and the chest plate is more intricate and has more fastenings of parts. They wear long black capes that almost touch the floor. The helmet's visor is also one long narrow slit.

His skin is hispanic and he has short-cropped black hair. His face has a thick layer of stubble[CatH 1].







See also: Dreamviewer

Kiron owned his own Dreamviewer before he met with Clear and killed Strang. He used the dreamviewer to watch his dreams and tried to decipher them if they repeated[NeS2 1].


Never-ending Story2

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Kiron Nightstrider awakes from a repeated dream and uses his Dreamviewer to rewatch it and try to decipher its meaning. He believes that, unusual as it is, it must mean something[NeS2 1].


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