A Jupiterian is an intelligent species that was once native to the planet Jupiter of the Sol System but can be found throughout the Multiverse now after their homeworld was destroyed by The Otter. They are a species capable of shape-shifting and most will have a go-to form when startled or upset. They typically have a human-like appearance, though usually they are considered extremely attractive by human standards. Their society has long been a matriarchy with a queen as its head until the destruction of Jupiter, after which the Jupiterian Republic was formed instead. They use portal-gates to traverse their worlds and perennial ships to travel through space.



Both male and female Jupiterians are usually considered to be very attractive by human standards. The men usually are very muscular while the women will have hourglass shapes. They appear like perfect human specimens[Pan 1].

Cultural Clothing

In their history, Jupiterians typically wore very little. Men would always have exposed torsos while women may choose to wear more on their torsos and less on their legs[Pan 1].

Racial Traits





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Jupiterians originate from the planet Jupiter in the Sol System but it was destroyed by the human named The Otter, which left the Jupiterians displaced across their worlds (citation needed). The Jupiterians had established space-flight long before 500AD and were well-established across the Solar System[Pan 1] and the rest of the galaxy (citation needed).


Space Camelot

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When the humans of Earth, under the leadership of King Arthur, achieved space-flight aboard an ancient and buried vessel they named Camelot, they eventually came upon the planet Mars where the Jupiterian Empire was conducting research on The Hopeful. Chancellor Ctatherine posed questions to Arthur and his crew but Admiral Ltexi didn't trust them, believing that they must have stolen the vessel. It turned out Camelot was of the exact same design as The Hopeful, which had long been in orbit around Mars. Admiral Ltexi was granted permission to join the Camelot Crew to research it[Pan 1].


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