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JM is a complex Character of the Never-ending Story. Though he originally appeared very early in the life of the NeS, where he was disguised as Zeus to prank Ares, he wouldn't make a real return until much later.




The Fight of the Century of the Week

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After Ares issued his challenge to battle against the heroes of the Never-ending Story in Ares' Colosseum, Zeus appeared to shout at his son, Ares, for playing with mortals again. Zeus demanded that Ares return to Mount Olympus, however Zeus' fake beard slipped and revealed the face of JM and goes ignored[NeS 1]. Later JM returned to the colosseum along with the Massassi Temple Administration. He expected as much of an applause as the others but was met with utter silence and cricket chirping before he went into the audience to watch the matches[NeS 2].


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