The Plothole

JK Meteor appeared very briefly on NeS Page 3 of the Never-ending Story when he saw the Rabbit Walkers, sent by Grand Admiral Thrawn, descend into the Arena to attack the NeS Heroes. He watched the event on television and chose to appear in the Arena to warn the Heroes of the impending attack, after which he ceased to take part until NeS Page 4. On NeS Page 4, JK Meteor the Writer merges his own thoughts into those of his Character. JK Meteor the Writer felt that his post had been deleted so JK Meteor kicked down a skyscraper. Beyond this, JK Meteor makes no further contribution.





JK is prone to such anger that he would kick down a skyscraper when slighted[NeS1 1].



JK owns a device he simply calls "the thing". The thing allows him to teleport across great distances[NeS1 2].


Super Strength

JK has incredible strength, able to kick down an entire skyscraper with just a single kick[NeS1 1].


The Fight of the Century of the Week

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At an undisclosed location, JK [Meteor] is watching the pay-per-view arena battles on TV when the cameras catch a glimpse of Rabbit Walkers. Using his 'thing' he teleports to the bleachers of Ares' Colosseum. When he stands up everyone stares at him. He snaps at them for staring and everyone gasps. He then informed those in the arena below that the walkers were approaching[NeS1 2]. At JK's warning, Twin Suns decides to open a portal to bring in the cast of Monty Python and the Holy Grail[Ext 1] to fight the Rabbit Walkers[NeS1 3].

JK Meteor the Writer intrudes his own feelings into the Story when his post was, for some unknown reason, deleted from NeS1. In response JK Meteor, the Character, kicked down an entire skyscraper in the vicinity of Ares' Colosseum[NeS1 1].


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