The Plothole

Indigo Shade is the daughter of Highemperor and was once imprisoned by him after she, and other Shades, rebelled against him for control of the High Empire. She broke free of her prison on Earth, hidden beneath the Great Pyramid in Egypt, when the magical fields weakened after a massive terrorist attack. Once she she mounted an insurgency against the High Empire from within the Deep Void but was thwarted by High Legatifex Kimleigh and the salmitton traveller Clear. She turned to Imperium space where she set a trap for the combined Imperium-High Imperial forces that caused a supermassive black-hole to rupture within the Briggan System and consume the entire universe.







Indigo Shade is able to withstand some of the most powerful weapons known to the High Empire. A cannon blast, able to tear through the hull of a space vessel, is unable to destroy her though the attack would leave her feeling weakened[Tales 1].


Indigo Shade can literally cease to exist for a few seconds before she rematerialises within the real world somewhere else[Tales 1].


Tales from The Imperium

Shades of an Empire

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Indigo Shades escapes the powerful cannon blast that struck her in CatH Post 63 and teleports herself off of Kalor Varkesh and into the depths of the Deep Void where she lingered, floating well below the battlefield. There she cursed Kalor Varkesh and knew that one day she would reap her revenge. She would later be rumoured to be in the Briggan System and The Imperium permitted High Imperial forces to enter their territory to locate and arrest Indigo Shade, though Ameryl Hypericum believed that Indigo's intention was to drive a wedge between the two Multiversal empires. Kalor Varkesh was under the command of Princess Astrid of the High Empire and it arrived in the Briggan System ahead of The Imperium's The Lamb. They found no signs of life in the system but Astrid requested Imperium permission to destroy the planet anyway. However the sun then imploded into the formation of a supermassive black-hole. It first destroyed the planet Briggan itself and then threatened the lives of trillions of people of the Brontax Galaxy[Tales 1].


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