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Highemperor was the god-emperor of the High Empire and one of the most powerful beings in the multiverse before he and almost his entire empire was time-locked out of existence. He was born as Prince Emp in Armenia on Earth where he would join the ranks of the League of Heroes. After transforming into his empowered self, he wandered throughout space and time across multiple universes, before returning to modern-day Earth. Here he loved and lost the princess Alole, and his rival for her love become his sworn nemesis, High Imp. Shortly thereafter, he joined the NeS Heroes, simultaneously working with them to save the world and against them in attempts to conquer it. The apex of his plans for NeSiversal conquest resulted in NeShattered, where he was forced to come to terms with the nature of his powerplaying. His spirit was later split into two separate beings; the entity of Highemperor retaining all of the immense power, arrogance and ambition while his humble, silly side was transformed into Al Ciao. Highemperor left the Earth and went on to rule the High Empire with his High Empire Powerplayers at his side. He had a vast harem with thousands of women as his lovers and many daughters to take care of. His love would sometimes come at a great cost and he experienced tragedy that would result in his ultimate fate battling against Imeryn, the God-Monarch, and Ameryl, Arm of The Imperium.



Born Prince Emp of Armenia in 1856[NeS1888 1], he inherited the throne to become King Emperor XIV (or King Emp for short) after his father's assassination. He joined the League of Heroes at this time as well, which consisted primarily of the more valiant ancestors of modern-day NeS heroes.[NeS1888 2]

Transformation and Wandering

Bitter with the losses he and his friends had suffered, King Emp accepted the full potential of his powerplaying in 1898, and become the empowered Highemperor. He then commenced on eons of wandering throughout time, space, and multiple universes.[NeS1888 3]


At some point during his transdimensional journeys, Highemperor arrives in ancient Atlantis, circa 10,000 B.C. Here he joins the Champions of Atlantis and becomes best friends with High Angel, after initially not getting along with him. He departs shortly before Atlantis's destruction, to continue his wanderings.[NeS2 1]

True Love and Sworn Nemesis

Highemperor eventually returned to his home planet in A.D. 1996, where he fell in love with the Atlantean princess Alole. Unfortunately, his best friend High Angel was also in love with her. Alole chose Highemp, but died giving birth to daughter Iriana.

In rage, High Angel sworn revenge on his once-friend and called on dark powers the multiverse over, transforming into the archfiend High Imp. Highemp sorrowfully undertook a long quest to strip his new nemesis of his power sources and seal him away.[NeS2 2]

Struggling to forget the emotional pain he had endured, he returned to wandering through space and time.

Highemperor and Soriel's Adventures in SPAAAAAACE!!!

At some point during his continued sojourns, Highemperor teamed up with Soriel. Together they had several adventures.

Who Wants To Rule the Universe Anyway?

Highemperor and Soriel arrived on Tatooine where the de facto ruler of the NeSiverse, The Big O, resided in his palace and lived a life of hedonism. Highemperor arrived with the intention of defeating The Big O and taking his throne but he discovered that Big O doesn't care about ruling at all and had already given the job to Fladnag the White, his grand vizier. Fladnag put up no resistance and allowed Highemperor to take over, knowing that Highemperor would come crawling back eventually. Highemperor's supplicants arrived immediately, the first being Runekeeper who was seeking information about the god of magic on Earth. Highemperor is unable to help and dismisses Runekeeper. Runekeeper, however, is not the only one with a problem that Highemperor cannot solve and the new emperor of the NeSiverse became exasperated. Highemperor tried to delegate Soriel to become his grand vizier and do the job but Soriel warned him that he'd end up beheading most of the applicants. Highemperor called Fladnag back and returned power to him and Big O and, instead, would go off to make his own empire and get some experience ruling[Pan 1].


While traveling with Soriel, Highemp encountered the twin princesses of the Hypericum galaxy, Imeryn and Ameryl.[Pan 2] They fell in love with him, as he did with them, and Peasant Girl was included in their love quadrangle shortly thereafter.[Pan 3]

However, Imeryn banished Ameryl[Pan 4], and Highemp married Imeryn and Peasant Girl[Pan 5]. He sought to find with Ameryl (hoping to reconcile her with her sister), but a narrative lock prevented him, much to his sorrow[Pan 6].

When his daughter by Imeryn, Chimaat, had grown powerful enough to protect herself, Highemp bid his family goodbye, believing that he had to leave to protect them from his fickle and melodramatic Writer. Unfortunately this ultimately resulted in Imeryn becoming embittered against him and declaring him her nemesis.[Pan 7]

NeS Heroes



Highemperor confronted High Imp at the end of the NeS on page 50. In a sacrificial moment calculated to empower him with destiny, he destroyed both himself and his nemesis.[NeS1 1][NeS2 3]

When the NeS was restored thanks to the WriterGod's intervention, Highemp was resurrected, and in complete control of the NeSiverse, as he had planned, empowered by bloodink.[NeS2 4]

However, Highemp sensed a flaw in the timeline of his new domain, and traveled into the future to find it.[NeS2 5] There he learned that vampires had betrayed him, feeding off his bloodink to weaken him, and thus that his own arrogance had led to the shattering of the NeSiverse.[NeShattered 1]

With an alternate version of The Last True Evil known as the Answerer[NeShattered 2] confronting and pursuing him across the shards of the NeSiverse (the shattered Pages), Highemp was forced to come to terms with his powerplaying as an ultimately futile endeavor. After one last attempt to rebuild the universe in his own image[NeShattered 3], he gave it up, surrendering his life force to repair the NeSiverse as it should be.[NeShattered 4]

He was resurrected to serve as a foil for the Answerer once more in a final duel[NeShattered 5], but the two, instead of slaying each other, surrender to the peace of death together[NeShattered 6].

Fourth Death & Potential Death

Highemp was resurrected once more in NeSquared, full of bitterness for the fact that the story would not let him go.[NeS2 6] Despite his bitterness however, he was far friendlier and more heroic than before, assisting the NeS heroes whole-heartedly rather than having a hidden (or not-so-hidden) self-serving agenda.

He died a fourth time[NeS2 7], but woke to find himself in front of the Stronghold of Powerplayers, where Morthrandur met him. He realized that the embers of his longing for power and destiny had burnt themselves out as his death in one last attempt to throw himself beyond his limits, thus bringing him here.[NeS2 8]

He entered the Stronghold, where he was hailed as the emperor and Ultimate Powerplayer.[NeS2 9] Working with the six Powerplayer Deities under him, he built the High Empire across multiverses. He also built a harem of queens (Highemperor's Wives) and sired countless daughters.

However, when his Potential Alexan was killed back on Earth, Highemp came to an ephiphany, realizing a second time the utter futility of powerplaying. He abandoned his throne and his power[NeS2 10], becoming the nearly powerless and often inept Al Ciao, and fled to his homeworld of Earth to rejoin the NeS Heroes.

However, his past self (when he was still Ultimate Powerplayer in charge of the High Empire) met him, and was horrified to learn of his own fate to become so "weak".[NeS2 11] He absorbed the latent powerplaying abilities still festering in Al's psyche[NeS2 12], thereby doubling his own strength, and then returned to the High Empire[NeS2 13].

Thus his timeline was split into two[NeS2 14]: one was the powerless and humble Al Ciao, whereas the other was his arrogant, proud, powerplaying self, which retained the name Highemperor.

High Empire

For another indeterminate period best measured in eons, Highemp ruled and expanded the High Empire. For the first time, he was happy, believing he had finally appeased his Writer, and was free to powerplay as much as he wished, without consequence. And this was true, for a long time. He resurrected his loves Harem Girl #87[Pan 8] and Alole[NeS2 15], and created Galatea[Pan 9] as a bid to someday reconcile with Imeryn, Ameryl, and Peasant Girl.

His most powerful enemies gathered to become the 12 God-Monarchs of Mega Jonestown Prime, but this too he orchestrated after a fashion, intending to create a narrative showdown which would fuel his plan to become truly omnipotent[Pan 10]. He created 13 Hedrons[Pan 11] to be found by the God-Monarchs, so that they would absorb the narrative potential of the building climax[Pan 12].

Final War

When war at last erupted between the High Empire and Mega Jonestown Prime[Pan 13], the battle was ruinous for both sides. However, Highemp was gleeful even near the end of it, for he had charged the hedrons up, and prepared to unleash that narrative charge to obtain supremacy.

However, High Imp intervened, bringing with him Galatea, whom he had corrupted[Pan 14] into the Beast. As the Beast, Galatea trapped the entire multiverse in a time lock of phenomenal power. The time lock was fueled by the very powers of her parents (Highemp, Imeryn, Ameryl, and Peasant Girl), as well as being supercharged by the narrative potential in the hedrons.

Highemp bitterly accepted that his Writer hadn't been appeased after all, and worked together with his former loves Imeryn, Ameryl, and Peasant Girl in a final act. Using the power collected in the hedrons, they created a gigantic blast of anti-power to nullify most of the time lock.

While most of the multiverse was free, Highemp, his three former lovers, and the vast majority of the High Empire remained trapped forever within it, living out the same moments eternally.[Pan 15]


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