High Legatifex Kimleigh was a High Legatifex for the High Empire and the daughter of its Highemperor. She was overly fond of creatures great and small and would often attempt to befriend even the most dangerous of beasts. She used the carcass of a Netherwyrm for her ship, Kalor Varkesh, and was tasked with hunting down her sister and rebel, Indigo Shade. In the Deep Void, while searching for Indigo Shade, she happened upon Clear and her vessel The Hopeful. Together they jumped back into the Milky Way Galaxy and stumbled upon the planet Indra where they met with Kara Pashna. They learnt of the imminent prophetised demise of the planet and fled, along with Pashna. Unfortunately the instrument of the planet's demise was The Imperium's God-Killer which, due to her great powers, absorbed and killed Kimleigh. She was known as a joyous, experimental and curious girl and was immensely popular amongst people of the High Empire. Her death brought great sadness to all, including her father.




She would be succeeded as commander of Kalor Varkesh and the task leader in hunting down Indigo Shade by her sister, High Legatifex Astrid[Tales 1].


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