This page refers to the super-hero team, Hero Force One. For other uses of the term, see Hero Force One (disambiguation).

Hero Force One are a team of super-powered, and usually talented, heroes that would be considered far more capable of heroics than an average human. They are usually considered the "true superheroes" of the Earth, when compared to the NeS Heroes. The primary difference between the two teams, aside from competence, is their focus - while Hero Force One (abbreviated to HFO) focuses on saving the world, the NeS Heroes normally focus on NeS-driven quests. Unlike the NeS Heroes, HFO are always in the public eye and are considered celebrities. They are also sponsored by governments and are awarded massive amounts of funding that allow them to reside aboard a space-station and pay for the many damages caused by their super-powers. Although the team roster has gone through some changes, the team remains relatively stable when compared to the frequent changes of members in the NeS Heroes.

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