The Plothole

Template:CharacterHermes Trismegistus is a god and mage of Earth who has been active in magical research and human affairs for centuries of his life, even temporarily joining Hero Force One in their quest to save the galaxy. His greatest asset is his blinding speed, which is so fast he can travel the universe in minutes and was able to steal the secrets of Runekeeper right from under his nose.


The Magium

In 502AD, Hermes was summoned to a meeting by the mage Taliesin. The original home of magic, Doughtnutdelf, had been destroyed one year earlier by the NeSferatu Nyneve after she became the new NeSorcerer. The remaining mages that survived her betrayal needed to build up a new school of magic for future generations and Hermes was asked to help in that fact. Morganna le Fay suggested a powerful nexus in Gaul and so Hermes joined the human mages in the construction and organisation of The Magium[Pan 1].


Pantheons of the NeSiverse