In HFO Post 64, Dr R. Deep commented that Benjamin Mahir is the luckiest Company Kid after surviving the explosion of The Majestic. Now in HFO Post 65, Benjamin Mahir doesn't like to use the word 'lucky', nor being called Company Kid since he's not even a kid. Deep adds that many corporations have stopped his sponsorship too, suggesting he is no longer much of a Company Kid. Magick Snowflakes suggests a new superhero name for Ben; Lil' Fuzz. Ben instantly regrets everything.


Ben: "I wouldn't use the word 'lucky'... or 'Company Kid' for that matter. I'm not a kid!"

Deep: "Many corporations have dropped your sponsorship."

Ben: "Uh, sure, that too."

Magick: "We could call you Lil' Fuzz. That'd be so adorable!"

Ben: "I regret everything..."

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