In HFO Post 61, Agent Mulligan and Citizen Rex had interrogated a survivor of the Latter-Day Greys of Memnoch and then another grey survivor of a separate group who were trying to stop the Latter-Day Greys. Now, in HFO Post 62, this grey finally dies. They follow the Liberty Torch to find more enemy greys and manage to kill them, save, yet another, lone surviving grey. Rex wants to know why they are called Latter-Day Greys of Memnoch and must be told by Mulligan that latter-day would mean today and that Memnoch must be their god. Rex then wants to know if there are any Former-Day Greys and they were blessed by cheesburgers - a mistake concerning the name of The Big O in HFO Post 61 - but before he could interrogate the surviving grey, Seraphim bursts in and throws the grey out of the window. She is not impressed to see Citizen Rex but tells them she arrived after getting a call for help, which Mulligan complains he sent hours ago. She initially explains she had to fly from orbit, but then stopped off many places on the way and she has more important things to be getting on with. Rex displays his new torch to Seraphim and she snatches it from him, agreeing to give it back when he learns to be more responsible with it. When another grey shows up, she then uses it as a club to bash the grey to the ground. Before she could brutalise him, Mulligan suggests they interrogate the grey. Rex demands to know the blessings of the cheeseburger, confusing the grey. Seraphim threatens the grey, after hoisting him up, and he reveals that the group have a Plan B, a plan to use humanity's dried teat of its own aggression. He refuses to explain himself further, knowing they will kill him and Seraphim tosses him from the window. She tries to contact Hero Force One on Orbital One, but the call is unexpectedly blocked by a voice that Seraphim doesn't recognise. The voice reveals herself to be DelphAI and that she will probably just have Seraphim's memory wiped with a 'forget stick' anyway, explaining that only Hero Force Zero and a few select individuals know of her existence. She considers herself the nexus for Hero Force. Seraphim is annoyed because she said there is no Hero Force Zero. She proceeds to explain the meaning of the dead grey's words; they plan to use the super mega death laser on the moon to destroy the Earth. The moon base had been built by the American government, but was shut down sometime ago - by Britt in the events of Britt: The Legend in NeS2 Post ? - but DelphAI had reactivated it, only for it to now fall into the hands of the greys. The mission is now to stop these greys using humanity's own weapon of mass destruction against the Earth. When Seraphim promises she will investigate DelphAI after this is done, DelphAI tells Agent Mulligan to keep his forget stick handy.


Plan B

Grey Lead croaks and, abruptly, dies.

Agent Mulligan: "Poor guy..."

Citizen Rex: "My rod is still pulsing!"

Agent Mulligan: "Sir... please. Enough of the dick jokes."

Citizen Rex: "Quick, 35! This way!"

Citizen Rex, guided by glowing torch, crashes into the next room where they, again, find a bunch of Greys. This time they are the villainous type that the torch had been detecting. Citizen Rex holds the torch like a mini-gun and sprays blue fire of damnation across the Latter-Day Greys of Memnoch. Finished, Citizen Rex rests the torch on his shoulder.

Citizen Rex: "Why do you think they're called Latter-Day wotsits?"

Agent Mulligan: "Latter-Day is like, modern day. Later people. I suppose. And Memnoch must be their god."

Citizen Rex: "Oh right. So... is their a group call the Former-Day wotsits?"

Agent Mulligan: "You're asking the wrong person, Sir."

Citizen Rex: "We should ask this Grey that'a barely alive!"

Agent Mulligan: "Again!?"

Almost Dead Grey: "Damn... you... humans to all the Hells of the Galaxy!"

Suddenly the window beside them smashes open and a blur of white rushes by them. Seraphim, the angel warrior of Hero Force One, grabs the downed Grey and throws him through the broken window to his ultimate demise somewhere at the bottom of the building.

Agent Mulligan: "Seraphim!!"

Citizen Rex: "We were about to interrogate that guy!"

Seraphim: "About what?"

Citizen Rex: "If there's Former-Day Greys... also I wanted to know more about the cheesebuger that made his people."

Seraphim: "I see nothing has changed about you..."

Citizen Rex: "Why are you here anyway?"

Seraphim: "We got a call."

Agent Mulligan: "I made that call hours ago!"

Seraphim: "I'd like to see you fly in from orbit!"

Agent Mulligan: "Oh right... I didn't mean any disrespect, Sir."

Seraphim: "I also had to get a shower before I headed out. And I stopped off for lunch at the Cris B. Chikin Shack. And then, on the way here, I helped an old lady cross the road. Oh and I --"

Agent Mulligan: "Uh, I think we got it Sir. Thanks for coming! As soon as... you could."

Seraphim: "I do have more important things to do, Agent. So let's make this quick. I don't want to miss Game of Thrones[Ext 1]."

Agent Mulligan: "Uh. Okay. Grey aliens have taken over some areas of the building. They were here with a kidnapped woman but we managed to... uh..."

Citizen Rex: "Blast her off into space...."

Seraphim stares at Citizen Rex.

Seraphim: "Remind me why we keep you around?"

Agent Mulligan: "The people believe in him, Sir."

Seraphim: "... Remind me why the people believe in him."

Citizen Rex: "Because now I have this!"

He sends a gout of fire from his torch to demonstrate its awesomeness.

Seraphim: "Hold it out."

He does.

She snatches it.

Citizen Rex: "Heeeeeeeeeeey!"

Seraphim: "You can have it back when you learn to be more responsible with it!"

Citizen Rex: "Awwwwwww." :(

Suddenly a Grey, on a suicide mission, burst into the room firing laser shots at them - every one of which misses by a mile. Seraphim, as the Grey gets close, smacks the alien with the torch like it's a club. The alien slams down to the ground with his face mangled.

Very Near Death Grey: "Arrgh..."

Seraphim: "Still alive?"

She raises the torch to brutally beat the life out of the alien before Agent Mulligan stops her.

Agent Mulligan: "Sir! We should interrogate him!"

Seraphim: "Fair enough."

Citizen Rex: "Excellent!"

Citizen Rex crouches down and glares at the alien menacingly.

Citizen Rex: "Tell me all you know about cheeseburgers!!"

Very Near Death Grey: "Wh-What?"

Seraphim grabs Citizen Rex by the back of his collar and hoists him to his feet, away from the captive.

Agent Mulligan: "Tell us where the rest of your people are and we'll take you prisoner instead of killing you."

The alien grins a bloodied grin.

Very Near Death Grey: "They've moved on to Plan B..."

Agent Mulligan: "You have a Plan B!?"

Very Near Death Grey: "We're not stupid apes! Of course we have a Plan B!"

Agent Mulligan: "Last guy said we didn't evolve..."

Very Near Death Grey: "Silence! I'm trying to reveal our secret plan here! If we can't take the seat of narrative power, we'll destroy it!"

Seraphim: "Another plan to blow up the planet? Our speciality."

Very Near Death Grey: "Ah, but we shall destroy it with irony! Destroy the humans with the dried teat of its own aggression!"

The three Hero Force members stare down at the alien blankly.

Agent Mulligan: "I think that was some kind of metaphor for something..."

Citizen Rex: "I thought it was poetry."

Seraphim: "I thought they were dying words..."

She takes a step closer.

Very Near Death Grey: "You can't threaten me, human! I know I'm dead already! I've told you all that I will tell you!"

Without any hesitation Seraphim grabs him and throws him through the same window she had tossed the previous one. Agent Mulligan wets his very dry lips as he trembles from the angel's complete lack of mercy or remorse.

Seraphim: "Orbital One, this is Seraphim. I have a probable threat to the Earth. Alien plans to blow it up using, and I quote, the 'dried teat of its own aggression.' Need a search on what the heck that might be..."

Voice: "Denied."

Seraphim frowns at her communicator. She'd never heard that voice before.

Seraphim: "Who is this?"

Voice: "Also denied."

Seraphim: "On whose authority?"

Voice: "Mine."

Seraphim: "I'm seeing some circular logic here."

Voice: "Okay, okay. You can call me DelpAI. I'll probably use one of those 'forget sticks' on you later anyway."

Agent Mulligan: "What!? You can use those on us! That's my one and only special ability!"

Seraphim: "You have the special ability to push a button on a stick?"

Agent Mulligan: "I didn't say it was a very good ability..." :(

DelpAI: "Think of me as the nexus for Hero Force. I coordinate, facility and guide."

Seraphim: "Why have I never heard of you before? I'm Hero Force One."

DelphAI: "Only Hero Force Zero and a few other select individuals know of my existence."

Seraphim: "There isn't a Hero Force Zero!"

DelphAI: "And that's what I want you to think. So. This task you've stumbled upon..."

Seraphim: "I think I should speak with Deep about this..."

DelphAI: "Let's not add a whole new layer to this conversation. This alien that you speak of is of the Grey species. In particular the group known as the Latter-Day Greys of Memnoch..."

Agent Mulligan: "That's right!"

DelphAI: "I wasn't really looking for your input, Agent Mulligan. But thank you for your enthusiasm..."

Agent Mulligan: "She knows my name...!"

He looks like he might cry with joy.

DelphAI: "I see them now. They have... ah."

Seraphim: "What?"

DelphAI: "They're storming one of our bases."

Seraphim: "Which one? Not Orbital One, surely!?"

DelphAI: "No. Our moon base."

Seraphim: "What moon base?"

DelphAI: "This is why I hate bringing new people into the fold. Explaining ancient history. The American government built a moon base many years ago. It was designed with a mega death laser on it."

Agent Mulligan: "Is that the technical term?"

DelphAI: "It is actually! Less of your smart-alecking!"

Agent Mulligan: "Sorry mysterious boss..."

DelphAI: "I don't view myself as the boss, Agent Mulligan. I am merely the nexus. I help your real bosses do what they need to do."

Seraphim: "And the dried teat thing?"

DelphAI: "It looks like a nipple. The moon a big, white breast."

Seraphim: "There's an image. Dare I ask why it's dry?"

DelphAI: "The ray was shut down by... well, a particular little scamp that I'm quite fond of. But that's another story. The ray was out of action until... well until I reactivated it."

Seraphim: "You reactivated something, technically called a mega death laser?"

DelphAI: "Seemed like a good idea at the time!"

Seraphim: "What kind of intelligence personnel are you?"

DelphAI: "Look, I see a lot of futures, pasts and presents all at the same time! Do you know how hard it is to keep it all sorted in my head? Especially when I only have a skull to work with!? And I'm trying to catch up on the latest Game of Thrones."

Seraphim: "Now I sympathise."

DelphAI: "I thought you might. So, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to get to the moon and stop the Latter-Day Greys of Memnoch from using our own laser against us! Not only would everyone be dead but it would be very embarrassing to be killed by our own doomsday weapon."

Seraphim: "Agreed. But, DelphAI, I shall be asking questions about you later..."

DelphAI: "Acceptable, Seraphim. Agent Mulligan-?"

Agent Mulligan: "Yes?"

Agent Mulligan: "Be sure to keep that forget stick to hand. You'll probably need to activate it in the near future."

Agent Mulligan: "Uh..."

Seraphim glares at him.

Agent Mulligan: "Right..."


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