In HFO Post 61, Citizen Rex wants to go to get food from the restaurant as they are offering Hero Force One action figures and when Agent Mulligan asks if they'll ever have a figure of him, Rex doesn't know, as usual, who Agent Mulligan is. In HFO Post 60, Rex had used the Liberty Torch to incinerate many of the Greys in the Hero Force One Headquarters, but now one of them is still alive and willing to give exposition. He explains that the greys were supposed to be the chosen people, but that humanity usurped them as the Narrative People. Humans were created by Runekeeper, Three Fates and Aeon and blessed by WriterGod, but the greys were created by Memnoch, Phractal and blessed by The Big O. Mulligan doesn't understand how any of that relates to the woman they had found in HFO Post 59, and sent flying away from Earth, so the grey explains that she is the true heir to the throne of Great Britain and that through her they could wield the magic of Albion. When Rex remarks that this dying speech is taking a long time, the grey announces that he's feeling better and thinks he'll live. This prompts Rex to suddenly burn him to death with the Liberty Torch, much to the dismay of Mulligan. They follow the torch's light to find more greys. They tell them that they come in peace and are not with the other greys, but Rex burns them with the torch anyway, certain one of them will be alive enough to finish the exposition. He is correct and the surviving one tells them that Earth has many magical leylines and certain areas on the planet are focal points for those leylines, a nexus, and one is in Britain - this causes that area to become important to the Narrative, which is why much of the Neverending Story seems to happen in the UK, especially London. He tells them that Aurora Briarose is a descendant of Fay but has no bloodink. The enemy greys, he calls Latter-Day Greys of Memnoch, believed they could summon Aurora's Potential to possess bloodink and wield Albion's magic. They told the grey that they had already sent the princess away from Earth, so his journey had been for nought, as well as the deaths of the other greys. However, he is not sorry to see them die as he didn't like them, but Hero Force would take him to the hospital for treatment. When Mulligan asks how he knew they had spoken to the other grey from earlier, he tells them he read the Script.


Latter-Day Greys of Memnoch

Agent Mulligan: "I wonder why they're here. And who was that woman?"

Citizen Rex: "Such a shame we'll never know. Let's go celebrate with a Happy Meal[Ext 1] from McDonald's[Ext 2]! They have Hero Force One action figures in them this month!"

Agent Mulligan: "Do you think they'll ever approve of an Agent Mulligan figure?"

Citizen Rex: "Who's Agent Mulligan?"

Agent Mulligan: :angryrant

Dying Grey: "You humans... are all the same... stupid... selfish..."

Agent Mulligan: "One's still alive! And maybe just long enough to tell us everything!"

Dying Grey: "I'll tell you nothing, human! Except for everything!"

Agent Mulligan: "Uh..."

Dying Grey: "The woman was going to get us the... world..."

Citizen Rex: "No time for metaphors!"

Dying Grey: "I mean literally."

Citizen Rex: "Oh. I knew that."

Dying Grey: "We are the chosen people... not you humans... you usurped us!"

Citizen Rex: "Huh?"

Dying Grey: "We were supposed to span the galaxy, be the central species of all stories to come!"

Citizen Rex: "Huh?"

Dying Grey: "We were supposed to be the most recognisable creatures! The species that all are compared to!"

Citizen Rex: "Huh?"

Dying Grey: "Seriously dude?"

Citizen Rex: "... huh?"

Dying Grey: "Okay, look. Lemme spell it out for you. Humans were made by the cosmic deities; The Fates, Runekeeper and Aeon, right?"

Citizen Rex: "Who? No! We were made by... God! God Almighty in Heaven! Mr Patriot tells us so."

Dying Grey: "You mean the guy that gets voted in?"

Agent Mulligan: "You're both wrong. We're natural product of evolution. Nothing more than that."

Dying Grey: "HAHAHA! You still believe in those fairytales!?"

Agent Mulligan: "Uh..."

Citizen Rex: "Yeah, 68! You still believe in those fairytales!? Evolution. Pah!"

Agent Mulligan facepalms.

Dying Grey: "I have no idea why you're the chosen people. You're imbeciles. You were made by cosmic deities and, in the end, blessed by the WriterGod."

Citizen Rex: "See? I told you it was god."

Agent Mulligan: "Wrong god, Sir."

Dying Grey: "We were created by the great deities known as Phractal and Memnoch. Blessed, then, by none other than The Big O!"

Citizen Rex: "Well! There's your problem right there! You were blessed by a cheeseburger!"

Dying Grey: "What!?"

Citizen Rex: "The Big O. Sounds like a cheesebuger name."

Agent Mulligan: "Sir, I do have to question your logic at times. And by at times I mean regularly..."

Citizen Rex: "It does! Think about it! A big cheesebuger, you have to make a big O with your mouth! So it's The Big O cheeseburger!"

Dying Grey: "Cease your prattling! I'm trying to give exposition before I die and you're taking up all my screentime!"

Citizen Rex: "Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, didn't they!?"

Agent Mulligan: "Okay, okay. You think you were made by these... gods. Or whatever. What does that have to do with kidnapping princesses?"

Dying Grey: "She's current heir to your kingdom of Great Britain. The rightful heir! Not that false Queen who sits on the throne now!"

Citizen Rex: "Such treason! Someone call Scotland Yard!"

Agent Mulligan: "Sir, you're not actually from Britain, you know that right?"

Dying Grey: "Through her we could claim that land, and thereby also all lands that it once controlled! The British Empire reborn as the Grey Empire!!"

Citizen Rex: "Sounds like a boring place if everything is just gray..."

Agent Mulligan: "You know, it takes more than just some unconscious woman in a box to claim a country..."

Dying Grey: "Fool. She would merely be a conduit. A conduit to the magic of Albion."

Citizen Rex: "Wow, this dying speech is taking a long time!"

Dying Grey: "Actually I'm feeling kind of better now. I think I'm gonna make it!"

Citizen Rex: "ARGH!! IT'S ALIVE!!"

Citizen Rex whips the alien with the torch, killing it instantly.

Agent Mulligan: "SIR! He wasn't finished revealing his master plan!!!"

Citizen Rex: "Conversation was getting boring anyway. Look my phallic symbol is glowing again. Must be more of them to kill and interrogate! Let's go alien bustin'!"

They get up and burst into the next room where they find yet another congregation of greys! The two men charge but the lead alien throws his hands up in surrender.

Lead Grey: "Wait, wait! We come in peace! We are not the same group of Greys that kidnapped your human princess! They are extremists and cling to ancient ideas that we do not uphold! We wish to help you defeat them!"

Agent Mulligan: "That's good to kno-- SIR NO!!"

Citizen Rex uses his torch to instantly vaporise all of the peaceful Greys.

Agent Mulligan: "SIR!!"

Citizen Rex: "It's okay, 98! I'm sure one of them is barely alive again to interrogate and get the rest of that boring story out of! At least we broke up the dialogue with some burnination!"

Lead Grey groans and raises his arm towards the humans.

Lead Grey: "Please... listen to me..."

Citizen Rex: "ARRRGH!! KILL IT WITH FIRE!!!"

Agent Mulligan: "NO! Sir, stop!"

Citizen Rex tuts and starts sulking.

Lead Grey: "Albion is a focal point of magic on Earth. You have many leylines, but there's a tremendous concentration in those lands. It's why your Story centres so much in those lands, the magic influences the world in which you live."

Agent Mulligan: "Story? You mean world right?"

Lead Grey: "For the sake of argument, I'll say yes. But the original bloodline that could tap into the power of Albion is gone. The only descendants of the Fay line are those without the power of bloodink and so they cannot awaken that magical potential of the land."

Agent Mulligan: "So they captured that poor woman for nothing?"

Lead Grey: "I believe they may have been trying to... awaken potential within her. The potential to be a carrier of bloodink."

Agent Mulligan: "Ink in her blood? Is that like magic of some kind?"

Lead Grey: "... ... ... yes."

Agent Mulligan: "And then they'd control her... somehow... and use her to get the magic power of Albion to then take over the world. All because they think they're the chosen people and that humans usurped them in that role."

Lead Grey: "You got it, son. You have to stop them!"

Agent Mulligan: "Well, we sent that woman flying through a window so... I think we averted disaster already."

Lead Grey: "You mean I wasted all that time travelling to this bloody planet just to explain something you'd already resolved?"

Agent Mulligan: "Sorry. You also lost a lot of your friends too."

Lead Grey: "Bugger them! Benny there wouldn't stop farting the whole trip here anyway! Look at him! Still on fire now! All that methane. Dirty swine."

Citizen Rex: "I think I like this one."

Agent Mulligan: "We'll get you to a hospital. Just hang in there."

Lead Grey: "Just remember... if the 'Latter-Day Greys of Memnoch', as they call themselves, should ever find the Fay descendent... you will have a fierce fight on your hands."

Agent Mulligan: "Honestly, Sir, we're the Hero Force Team. This is kind of what we do. By the way, how did you know what the guy in the other room already told us?"

Lead Grey: "The script."

Agent Mulligan: "Is that a metaphor for destiny or something?"

Lead Grey: "... ... ... ... ... ... ..... .. ... yes, whatever."


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