In HFO Post 60, Citizen Rex and Agent Mulligan find themselves suddenly surrounded many many greys within the Hero Force Headquarters. The Liberty Torch is glowing brilliantly as it detects the hostile aliens all around it. Agent Mulligan asks if the torch can be turned off, since they know that the aliens are here already, but Rex is too impressed with how shiny it is. Mulligan asks that he switch it to flamethrowing mode, which Rex does and proceeds to burn the greys to death. When it's over, Rex whines that it's over so soon, but Mulligan is shocked by the sight.


Citizen Rex and Agent Mulligan are surrounded by so many Greys that the alien-detecting is shining with blinding brilliance.

Agent Mulligan: Can't you switch that thing off? We KNOW we're surrounded by hostile aliens!

Citizen Rex: But it's so shiny!

Citizen Rex is staring happily at the bright azure light. Agent Mulligan facepalms.

Agent Mulligan: At least switch it into flamethrower mode!

Citizen Rex: Oh, right.

With a flick of the switch on the torch, blue flames gush out of the torch, and Citizen Rex sweeps it in a wide arc. Screams of burning Greys follow. Around and around Citizen Rex waves his anti-alien flamethrower, and the blue flames begin dimming before smoking out completely.

Citizen Rex: Aw, is that it?

Agent Mulligan looks significantly at the charred remains all around them.

Agent Mulligan: Isn't that enough?

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