In HFO Post 39, Qhobeg was sent falling from the forty-second floor of a building on Wayne's World and Judge caught him with her telekinesis in HFO Post 40. As they ascend now in HFO Post 42, Judge remarks on how incompetent Qhobeg is, forcing her to constantly save him. However, he then spots a massive poster of the Spice Girls, on which is Geri Halliwell, Ginger Spice, in her famous Union Jack Dress and comments that he never knew Judge was in a girl group. In shock that she looks so much like Geri Halliwell for all these years, she drops Qhobeg. After, when they finally reach the forty-second floor again, Qhobeg insists he almost died from that drop.


Ginger Spice

Judge slowly floats down to Qhobeg. She smirks at him.

Judge: "Why do we keep meeting like this, Qhobeg? Oh wait, it's because you're incompetent."

Qhobeg: "Let's just stay down here and argue while our friends are pulverised by 8-bit constructs of doom, shall we?"

Qhobeg considers what he just said.

Qhobeg: "Actually maybe that's exactly what I'd prefer to do. Wow! Judge! You're in a girl band[Ext 1]!?"

Judge turns in puzzlement to see a massive poster for the Spice Girls[Ext 2]. And in the middle is Ginger Spice[Ext 3] in her union flag dress[Ext 4].

Judge: "ACK!!!"

Shocked that she had subconsciously been channelling Ginger Spice all her life, she drops Qhobeg.

Qhobeg: "AIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!"


Sometime later Judge floats Qhobeg back up to the forty-second floor of the building.

Qhobeg: "An inch away, I was. An inch from death."

Judge: "Stop exaggerating."


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