HFO Post 41 is a summary introduction to events so far, opening HFO Page 2. It recaps events of HFO Page 1, explaining that Hero Force One, the protagonists, have been transported, along with the entire galactic supercluster, into the Deep Void by R.I.T.E.. The group were attacked by Angels of Ordimar, who sacrificed their team mate, Nick, to open a portal for their forces. They met an alien going by Bill Nye, who agreed to build the Deus Ex Machine to help Qhobeg amplify his Storywielding to fix the problem, but an alternate solution was to find and use the Reset Button. Elsewhile, Dragonlord Riaken, one of the members of R.I.T.E. was taming the Netherwyrms of the Deep Void, which were attracted to the supercluster before it was hidden by the Nova Shroud deployed by Lobo Ono and Fladnag the White. Chronos and HorseGod have both been revealed as members of R.I.T.E.. The superheroes have arrived on Wayne's World in search of the Reset Button. The post then follows with a list of members of Hero Force One at present.


HFO Page 2

Missing: Earth

The members of Hero Force One awoke to find that the Earth was missing. They, along with the rest of the Laniakea Supercluster, had been translocated to the Deep Void by a mysterious group named R.I.T.E. Hero Force One are beset by the Angels of Ordimar and their battle is joined by an array of factions that all vie for dominance. One Ordimarian sacrificed Nick to open a portal to allow her brethren through. Hero Force One resolved to obtain the Reset Button either to trade to R.I.T.E. or use to reset the Story Arc to the beginning, which would come with its own dangers. Elsewhere they have petitioned "Bill Nye the Science Guy", an alien in disguise, to build a Deus Ex Machine that would allow Qhobeg to use his Story-Wielding powers to move the Supercluster back. In the midst of this, Supreme Dragonlord Riaken, a member of R.I.T.E., seeks dominion of the Netherwyrms of the Deep Void that are only kept from the supercluster by the Nova Shroud deployed by Fladnag the White and his Void Ranger Lobo Ono. Hero Force One have found themselves on Wayne's World, a planet dominated by 90s pop culture...

Elsewhere again, several deities have banded together in protest of the expansion of the Story beyond the confines of Earth. In order to take control of the Writers, they have resolved to follow the trail of Hero Force One and seek out R.I.T.E. whose goal appears to be the direction that the Writers are aiming. In the ranks of R.I.T.E. are HorseGod and, recently, Chronos. They are preparing for a great invasion of a powerful entity...

Current TeamDr R. Deep - Mentor and Mage of the team.

Judge - Currently designated leader and heavy-hitting telekinetic.

Seraphim - Heavy-hitting angel with healing powers.

Magick Snowflakes - Young Mage and Potential Character.

Qhobeg #2 - Story-Wielder and general layabout.

Company Kid (Benjamin Mahir) - Able to transform into a rat and longest-surving Company Kid.

Hermes Trismegistus - Scholar, Mage, God and Know-it-all.

High Imp - Rival to Highemperor and master of bluffing, having lost all his contractual powers.

Honorary Members

Flax Hyperon - Space adventurer and super-stud muffin.

Lobo Ono - Alien Space Ranger with many arms, many guns, two heads and a most impressive space bike.

Earth-bound Members

Citizen Rex / The Patriot / Acidspitter (Mr Nine)

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