In HFO Post 39, Qhobeg was knocked out of a skyscraper by a rampaging Dragonzord on Wayne's World. As he falls he remembers, from the original show that features the Dragonzord, the machine would come from the ocean and as there is no ocean here, he is able to make the machine disappear into a plothole. He then starts to use his Storywielding with the intention of putting himself back inside the building, but is suddenly frozen in place. He initially mistakes this for Judge saving him, yet again, but it turns out to be Chronos who hopes that he isn't about to retcon himself and violate the time laws. Aeon, the Cosmic God of Time, arrives to tell Chronos that she only has jurisdiction on Earth, while she argues that Wayne's World is full of 90s pop culture references from Earth, so it counts. Qhobeg asks that they argue elsewhere and let him go so he can be saved. He is released and, as expected, rescued by Judge's telekinesis.


As Qhobeg is falling, a thought occurs to him.

Qhobeg: Wait, doesn't the Dragonzord[Ext 1] come out of the ocean? But I see no ocean around here!

He deftly wields the story, and POOF the Dragonzord is gobbled up by a plothole!

Qhobeg: Dammit, I'm still falling. Time for more storywielding!

Suddenly, he finds himself frozen in mid-air, no longer falling.

Qhobeg: Dammit, Judge, just ONCE I'd like to save myself without any help from you.

Judge does not reply, and it's at that moment that Qhobeg realizes he isn't limned in the purple glow that heralds Judge's telekinesis.

Chronos: You really might want to rethink using your powers to retcon getting knocked out the window. That would make you a time criminal, and I'd have to intervene.

Qhobeg: But it would save my life!

Chronos: Hey, I don't make the time laws... oh wait, I do.

There is a poof of light, and another being appears.

Aeon, Cosmic God of Time: Chronos, you're out of your jurisdiction! This is NOT Earth by a long-shot!

Chronos: It's Wayne's World, full of Terran pop culture references, close enough.

Qhobeg: Er, while you're having your domestic spat, could you unfreeze me so Judge can save me already?

Chronos idly waves a hand, and Qhobeg finds himself falling again, the two time deities vanished. Suddenly he is limned in purple telekinesis, and Qhobeg sighs, resigning himself to being saved yet AGAIN by the Brit beauty.


Britt's Commentary

"The Dragonzord[Ext 1] is from the show Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers[Ext 2]." ~ Britt the Writer


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