Opening HFO Post 39, Magick Snowflakes mentions that the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, referring to the end of HFO Post 38, started in the late 1980s, defeating the point of Wayne's World being 90s pop culture references. Judge insists that late 80s counts as 90s. Flax Hyperon uses his scanning equipment to locate the Reset Button and indicates to a nearby skyscraper on the forty-second floor. Judge decides to use her telekinetic powers to send the non-flyers over there, starting with Qhobeg. When he protests, she argues that she has thrown him around before and knows his weight, making it easier to throw him first, and that he's disposable. She throws him through the window. Magick uses her wind magic to arrive, while both Seraphim and High Imp use their own wings to fly in. Flax Hyperon is sent in via telekinesis. Suddenly, they are attacked by a group armed with Power Gloves that have pixelated power. As the group fight, Dr R. Deep bursts in, thrown by Judge too, radiating magical power as he lands on the leader of the group, but he recovers and draws a pixelated sword and shield. After another pixelated wave destroys the ice magic of Magick Snowflakes, Judge finally enters the fray. But a moment later and one of the enemy uses the Dragon Dagger to summon the Dragonzord, which starts to smash the building with Hero Force One inside it. Qhobeg is knocked out of the window and Judge swoops down to try to catch him, prompting Magick to comment that the two really are in love.


Wayne's World

Magick Snowflakes: "Turtles[Ext 1] were from the late 80s..."

Judge: "Late 80s counts! And shut up you! You weren't even born then!"

Magick sticks her tongue out at Judge.

Flax Hyperon whips out a piece of Star Trek-esque[Ext 2] equipment to scan for their target equipment.

Flax Hyperon: "It's in the building opposite. About the forty-second floor."

Judge: "Okay. Time for me to flex these telekinetic muscles. I'm not used to throwing people very delicately... but I'll do my best. Qhobeg, you're up first."

Qhobeg: "Whoa!? Why me?"

Judge: "I've thrown you around more than anyone else. I'm use to your weight. Besides, if you get hurt it's no great loss."

Qhobeg: "That isn-- WAAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!"

Qhobeg crashes through a window on the forty-second floor.

Magick Snowflakes: "Cowabungaaaaaa[Ext 3]!!"

She leaps from the building.

Judge: "She has mental problems, I'm sure of it."

Half-way down the building Magick exerts her will to quickly incant a spell. Wind throws her back upwards and an angle so that she rushes towards the now open window. The wind slows until she gently glides through with a graceful landing. She grins down at Qhobeg, who lies in a crumples and pitiful heap.

Magick Snowflakes: "I think you and Judge are going to be a great couple, Qhobeg!"

Qhobeg: "I... can't... feel... my spleen..."

Seraphim flies through the window with a powerful and majestic beat of her wings. She lands and moves aside so that High Imp could also fly in.

High Imp: "I hope it's not always this easy..."

Seraphim: "It's not."

Next comes Flax. He hurtles through the window, propelled by the same telekinetic force that had sent Qhobeg through the window. However unlike Qhobeg, Flax rolls purposefully along the floor then jumps up with his phasor gun at the ready.\

Flax Hyperon: "All clear."

High Imp: "No ****, Sherlock[Ext 4]."

Flax holsters his gun and glares at the demon.

Seraphim: "Let's start looking-- Uh oh."

Trouble had finally found them. Several young men burst into the room and hold up their plastic-clad arms.

Magick Snowflakes: "They... they all have Power Gloves[Ext 5]!!?"

The lead Power-Gloved Grunt removes his sunglasses to distinguish him from the rest of his similarly garbed posse.

Seraphim: "Defend yourselves!?"

Upon that command the grunts activate their gloves. Pixelated power radiates from the gloves in waves, straight towards the heroes. Magick quickly rises up a shield of ice to defend them, forming a thick wall across the centre of the room. It only takes second for cracks to appear.

Magick Snowflakes: "How can we de--"

Suddenly the bullet-like figure of Dr R. Deep propels through the window, fired by telekinesis and burning with raw magical energy, Deep crashes through the ice and lands on one of the grunts. High Imp charges through the gap but is instantly struck by several pixelated arrows that dig into his demonic body. With a cry he smacks the arrows off of his skin and leaps at the nearest grunt. The grunt instantly has a pixelated sword and shield to defend himself.

Another grunt uses his power glove to create a new horizontal wave of pixel energy that expands out from him. Anyone wearing a glove was protecting. The walls cracked, the ice shattered, and the heroes are all struck and sent flat to the ground.

Finally Judge zooms into the room, protected by her telekinesis, and slams her fist into the grunt's jaw. With three of the grunts in combat, the leader grunt then whips out yet another device.

The legacy dragon-dagger[Ext 6].

He plays the notes and outside can be heard a colossal roar. Monstrous metal teeth of the dragonzord[Ext 7] collide with the building and take a bite out of the wall. The destruction destabilises the floor and Qhobeg is suddenly toppling from the building.

Qhobeg: "Holy crapcaaaaaaakes!!!"

Judge leaps after him.

Magick Snowflakes: "See? I was totally right! She really likes him!"

Judge's voice rises up from somewhere far below.

Judge: "Proof of nothing!!!"


Britt's Commentary

"The Dragon Dagger[Ext 6] and the Dragonzord[Ext 7] are both references to the Green Ranger[Ext 8] from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers[Ext 9]." ~ Britt the Writer


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