In HFO Post 38, Qhobeg questions why the group is allowing Hermes Trismegistus to dictate new members of Hero Force One, to which Seraphim agrees on account of this being High Imp. When Hermes reminds her of Acidspitter, her lover, she insists that he is a good demon, unlike High Imp. Judge states that they may have decided to leave the Laniakea Supercluster in the Deep Void for now, but they should prepare for returning it anyway and to that end they should locate the Reset Button. Qhobeg asks why she gets to dictate to the group now, and she states it was Dr R. Deep who put her in charge, as in HFO Post 37. Hermes insists that there's no need for Hero Force One to get involved, but she does not trust this R.I.T.E. organisation to restore the cluster whenever it's finished, nor the mage-god's friends on Tatooine. When Qhobeg gives her a backhanded compliment, Judge tells him to do laps around Orbital One, urged on by Flax Hyperon. After their meeting ended in HFO Post 37 for a break, Chronos and HorseGod meet in a bar. The HorseGod makes an offer to help her capture Highemperor, who is wanted for time crimes on Earth, citing that he used to like Highemperor when he was an Armenian Prince, but that he has changed and is now mean to horses, making HorseGod cry. In exchange, she would have to help R.I.T.E., to which she agrees, and he gives her the codename Agent Tempus. When she says how obvious that name is, he says his own codename is Agent Neighbour. Her job would be to make acquisitions of objects, people or even metaphors that would help the group, citing her past as a thief when she was Apple. She goes back in time to the Cosmic Customs House, where she is viewed as "Fruit", and kidnapped Marquis Rosslefot of Discharding, as in HFO Post 35. Hero Force One, meanwhile, take a shuttle to a new planet, which is revealed to be called Wayne's World - a planet of 90s pop culture references.


Fruit's Recruitment

Qhobeg: "So who died and made Hermes the boss? Deciding who gets to be a member and who doesn't!?"

Hermes: "You know I'm right here?"

Seraphim: "I actually agree with you Qhobeg. At least in terms of the individual in question being completely untrustworthy."

High Imp: "Uh... you know I'm right here too?"

Hermes: "Your own lover was a demon, Seraphim."

Seraphim: "And a demon of integrity! This High Imp is nothing but a power-mad scoundrel!"

High Imp: "Scoundrel!? ... I kind like the sound of that..." :D

Judge: "Alright guys, it may have been decided that leaving the supercluster where it is for now, but that doesn't mean we can't plan for returning it eventually!"

Qhobeg: "Who died and made you the leader, huh?"

Judge: "Deep."

Qhobeg: "Deep's dead!!?"

Judge: "No, you imbecile! He just made me team leader! If you don't start pulling your weight, I'll make you do laps of the station!"

Qhobeg: "Bollocks..."

Judge: "So anyway. I'm thinking we go and get that Big Red Button thing."

Seraphim: "The Reset Button."

Judge: "That's the one. We get that and we can use it if we need to."

Hermes: "It really won't be necessary..."

Judge: "You'll forgive us if we don't take your word for it, Old Man. You're a slippery, sly devil yourself. No offence to you, High Imp."

High Imp: "None taken."

Judge: "You seem to have suddenly developed blind faith in this weird cult, but we haven't. What's to say that R.I.T.E. will even bother to return the supercluster when they'e done with it? They get whatever the Hell they want and just shrug their shoulders when it comes to returning the Laniakea Supercluster? No. We need some kind of assurance that we'll be able to return it with or without R.I.T.E. Either we use the device or... you said R.I.T.E. want powerful artefacts, right? I'd say the Reset Button fits that bill. We get it, we could trade it for the Laniakea Supercluster if they're not willing to return it of their own accord..."

Qhobeg: "Wow... that was like... surprisingly competent thinking, Judge! I'm impressed!"

Judge: "That's it! Five laps round the station, Qhobeg!"

Qhobeg: "I-It was a compliment!"

Magick Snowflakes: "A kind of back-handed compliment, Qhobeg..."

Flax Hyperon: "C'mon, weed! Get a move on! You need some muscle anyway!"

Qhobeg, crying, runs off. Judge's Yoshi chases after him - extra incentive to complete the laps.

Judge: "Seraphim. Did you get the location of the Reset Button?"

Seraphim: "I did."

Judge cracks her knuckles.

Judge: "Let's prep to go, team!"


The HorseGod grins a big horsey grin at the bartender as he is given a pint of brown ale. He neighs in delight, much to the disquiet of the barman but he's being paid good money and, frankly, he's seen uglier people than a bloke with a horse's head. Then the barman freezes. As do all of the other people around them. The small, square TV on the wall is likewise.

Chronos: "You wanted to meet me?"

HorseGod: "That's right! Listen. I've heard tell of a warrant for the arrest of a certain powerplaying individual."

Chronos hops onto a bar stool beside the HorseGod. They had both retired from the meeting on Tatooine and were now sitting in a space-bar aboard a station floating around said planet. HorseGod supped his space ale.

Chronos: "Any information that leads to an arrest you'll get a reward."

HorseGod chuckles his horsey laugh.

HorseGod: "Actually, we were hoping you'd help us."

Chronos: "Us?"

HorseGod: "R.I.T.E."

Chronos: "You mean the plebs that moved an entire supercluster?"

HorseGod: "That's right. You don't know it yet, but our goals are aligned."

Chronos leans on the wooden bar. She snatches a glass of tequila from a frozen woman beside her.

Chronos: "I'm listening."

HorseGod: "Join us, Chronos. You'd be infinitely useful to our group and you'll get your man."

Chronos: "Heh. Infinitely..."

HorseGod sits and waits, not getting the joke. Chronos rolls her eyes and downs the tequila in one mouthful.

Chronos: "Okay. Let's say I join you. What do I have to do?"

HorseGod: "You help R.I.T.E. attain more assets. That's the only way to defeat him and his pending invasion."

Chronos: "Invasion!?"

HorseGod: "That's right. It's not just his crimes against time, it's everything about him that is now a threat to the NeSiverse. That and he's really mean to horses!"

Chronos: "..."

HorseGod: "You know, he was so nice to horses when he was just an Armenian Prince... but now. He's just such a... big meannie!"

Chronos pats HorseGod as he begin to cry.

Chronos: "There, there."

HorseGod: "Thank you. So. We need artefacts. However you get them doesn't matter. Could be people, objects, worlds, metaphors, whatever you can get your hands on."

Chronos: "So you're basically a bunch of cosmic kleptomaniacs?"

HorseGod: "I believe you were something of a kleptomaniac in your youth, Chronos?"

Chronos: "Master Thand has a big mouth at times. But yeah. I'll do it. If it brings Highemperor to my prison cell again, it seems like a good team up. I'll use my power over time to go and get you what you need from anywhen."

HorseGod: "Groovy! Your codename from now on is Tempus!"

Chronos: "Are you serious? That's not going to conceal shi--"

HorseGod: "It's enough. My codename is Neighbour."

Chronos: "Oh that's hilarious..."

HorseGod: "Is it? Why?"

Chronos: "Neigh... bour.... You didn't even notice. Bloody Christ, what am I getting myself into?"

And so Chronos joins R.I.T.E. and her first acquisition was Marquis Rosslefot of Discharding, making her travel just a short while back into time to find him checking into the Cosmic Customs House...


The shuttle hurtles through the atmosphere of their target planet. It comes to a bumpy halt as it lands on the surface. Hero Force One slowly exit the shuttle and Judge leaves go of the controls. They step on the surface.

Seraphim: "You landed us on a city rooftop?"

Judge: "That's right. The countryside doesn't exist here except as a concept of 'the other'."

Qhobeg: "What does that even mean?"

Judge: "It means welcome to Wayne's World! Planet of 90's pop culture references!!"

Four shadows of turtle-men[Ext 1] leap by them.

Qhobeg: "Duuuuuuuuude..." :eyetwitch


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