In HFO Post 32, Lobo Ono, Void Ranger, entered Orbital One and detected a shuttle docking with the members of Hero Force One returning. He went to meet them in Orbital One's Mission Room, where now, in HFO Post 33, he finds just Benjamin Mahir alone. He is certain others must have been on the shuttle, but he is unable to detect anyone. He explains to Benjamin that he is a Void Ranger and notes that Hero Force One have attracted a lot of attention, referring to the battles taking place outside. Benjamin mentions that it's the fault of Hermes Trismegistus not taking rivalries into account when recruiting for help against the alien angels - to which Lobo Ono affirms he means the Phrophetim of Ordimar. When Benjamin says he knows nothing of the translocation of the galactic supercluster, Lobo Ono draws a pistol, stating he knows when someone is hiding something. At that moment Benjamin turns into a rat, startling Lobo Ono, and the other heroes suddenly appear, having been hidden by Judge's telekinesis. Dr R. Deep attacks with his purple blades, but the material of Lobo Ono's pistols is able to withstand even these as he blocks the attacks. He is struck by wind magic from Magick Snowflakes, but from a distance Lobo Ono uses plasma fire against them. Flax Hyperon has his trope powers to avoid being killed in a gunfight, but Lobo Ono tackles him and bowls over both Flax and Magick. When he tries to shoot at Qhobeg, however, suddenly the pistols have no ammo, despite not needing ammo, thanks to Qhobeg's Story-wielding. Qhobeg then draws his sword, which he calls The One Sword, and both he and Deep attack Lobo Ono with their blades. Lobo Ono tosses a grenade, but its dampened by Judge's telekinesis. He tries to leave, but Seraphim head-butts his left head. When she punches him, however, she causes damage to her own hand thanks to his protective armour.


Lobo Ono Fight

Lobo Ono enters the mission room, otherwise known as Command by Hero Force One team members. The room is deathly silent and empty save for a single figure standing at the head of a table in the centre of the room.

Benjamin Mahir: "Hello."

Lobo Ono glances around but sees no one else. Nor do his scanners perceive anyone else. There's no way that shuttles contained just one body.

Lobo Ono: "I'm Lobo Ono, Void Ranger. Protector of the peace in these parts, you might say. Obviously you've been drawing a lot of attention with that little display out there."

Benjamin Mahir: "Erm... accident?"

Lobo Ono: "... that's it? That's your excuse here?"

Benjamin Mahir: "Accidents happen? Someone, mentioning no names - *cough* Hermes *cough* - didn't take into consideration all of the rivalries between the different peoples out there when he asked them for help against the alien angels."

Lobo Ono: "Alien an... you mean the Prophetim of Ordimar?"

Benjamin Mahir: "Uh... sure. Whatever they're called."

Lobo Ono: "And what do you know of the translocation of the cluster?"

Benjamin Mahir: "Buggered if I know!"

Lobo Ono: "I can tell when someone's hiding something from me..."

He whips out a small pistol... for each of his six arms!

Benjamin Mahir: "ACK!!"

Benjamin explodes in a poof of smoke and a fat rat falls through the air to the ground. Instinctively, and possibly borne of confusion, Lobo Ono starts blasting at the horrible little beastie. Apparently Seraphim is not the only one to suffer from rat-phobia.

Seraphim: "Murophobia[Ext 1]!"

Judge drops the telekinetic guard she held up against detection which, oddly enough, works in a very similar respect to the Nova Shroud Lobo Ono had applied to the entire cluster. With all of his advanced gear, Lobo Ono couldn't detect what was not, conceivably, there. However, Judge has never had much time for the more subtle powers at her command and using this shroud effect drains the British superhero. She falls to one knee, while her team mates do the rest of the work.

Seraphim lunges at Lobo Ono, taking him by surprise. Even with her vaunted strength, however, being overwhelmed by six arms is somewhat daunting. Being pistol-whipped six times simultaneously hurts. Seraphim falls to the ground.

However, Hero Force One are known to work together in their battles. The pause between the attack of Seraphim and Dr R. Deep is negligible. The purple wreathed swords come down at the alien being, but at deflected by the improbable material of the pistols he wields. But even as he manages to block the swords, Magick Snowflakes cast a powerful blast of wind that strikes the distracted Lobo Ono and sends him flying through the air - a mess of wobbling limbs - and he strikes hard against the far wall. His protective armour, however, takes most of the brute force of the hit and he is merely stirred, not shaken. From his position on the ground, he fires all six guns; shooting space beams across the room. A light show instantly illuminates as Flax Hyperon, likewise, fires back. He stands his ground, in the centre of the room, firing his own blaster very infrequently with a broad and charming grin. Yet none of Lobo Ono's shots seem to hit the strangely charismatic space hero.

Flax Hyperon: "You ladies should get behind me. Don't worry, if I do get shot, it will only be a flesh wound to the shoulder!"

Only Magick, in her naïveté, actually move behind him. From there she casts a cloud of magic above Lobo Ono which quickly rains down a mist of sleep upon the alien. Unfortunately for Magick, she knows nothing of this alien's physiology and the effect of sleep does nothing to him. Using his four legs, Lobo Ono suddenly leaps across the room in a single bound and slams into Flax Hyperon. Both of them fall onto Magick Snowflakes, crushing the young girl beneath their combined weight.

Standing atop of them both, Lobo Ono turns three guns on Dr R. Deep and three on Qhobeg. He pulls the triggers.



Lobo Ono: "But... they don't even use ammo!?"

Qhobeg: "Heh, oops?"

From nowhere appears a sleek sword in Qhobeg's hands. His very own "NeS sword" he calls "The One Sword".

Qhobeg: "And the rest!"


"The One Sword to Rule Them All".

Qhobeg: "Damn straight."

The two Hero Force One sword-wielders attack from both sides. Lobo Ono does a deft job of defending himself from the three blades but he knows he can't keep it up. He slinks one hand to his belt and unclips the grenade. He doesn't want to blow himself up so he tosses it to the corner of the room, figuring the blast alone would be distracting enough.

However the expected blast is somehow muted to a dull thud.

He glances as sees the telekinetic wielder has shielded the grenade, with her recovering energy.

He curses to himself and springs up and away from the two prone bodies. He somersaults, lands, and finds himself suddenly face-to-face with Seraphim again. She head-butts his left head.

Lobo Ono's right head gasps at the violence of this seemingly angelic lady. Moments before she thumps him in the stomach. Despite the protective armour he wears, he definitely feels a modicum of pain as her strike connects - evidently aided by a charge of heavenly light of her home system. Still, it hurts her more than it hurts him. She cries out and winces at her injured hand, giving him a moment to, again, smack her with his pistols. He flees the room immediately after, but hears pursuing footsteps. This group were better coordinated than he had been expecting.


Britt's Commentary

"The One Sword to Rule Them All is a reference to The One Ring[Ext 2] from The Lord of the Rings[Ext 3]." ~ Britt the Writer


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