Greek Legends is a Chapter from the Pages of Legends of the NeSiverse and revolves around sequences that led up to the Trojan War, especially events surrounding Greece, the Middle-East and Egypt. Posts typically follow a mini-narrative that leads, or ties into, other mini-narrative sequences that culminate into a larger tale. Many segments tether to the Atlantean Saga and the Legends of the NeSorcerer Chapters, as well as featuring many immortal Characters, especially deities and mages. As the timeline is not written chronologically, the Greek Legends Timeline keeps everything in order. Much history of Extended Universe Characters originates in this Chapter, delving into the history of Zeus and many of the other Greek Gods and greatly expands the featured religions of the NeSiverse Earth, including the Roman Pantheon, Chinese Pantheon and the South American religion. Tying to the fall of Atlantis, the Atlantean Otrera formed the first group of Amazons on the Great Steppe, becoming one of the first tribes of humanity after The Cataclysm. Ra, of the Egyptian Pantheon, sacrificed his physical form to protect Egypt from the same Cataclysm, allowing Egyptians to emerge as one of the other first tribes and quickly rise to dominance. Mama Pacha, seeing her inevitable demise to the plot-hole engulfing Atlantis, Twice-Forgot herself but preserved the people of Southern Antediluvia, the land later known as South America, allowing the survivors to also thrive. The Chapter follows several Main Characters who contribute to the overall narrative, both Greek and otherwise. The long lineage of the Egyptian crown plays a major role in shaping the Chapter, from Djer and Neferkaptah, through the centuries past Hatshepsut, Ozymandias and then the reincarnation of Ozymandias as Ramesses II thanks to a group of dark mages, including Sauda, Circe and Medea. It follows Moses, on his quest to free the Hebrew people from slavery and the establishment of Judaism under Yahweh. The formation of several Greek States follows various heroes, such as Perseus and Cadmus, as they found their respective cities that would feature in the Trojan War. Significantly, the Chapter follows the story of Troy and its ruling family under Priam and Hecuba and the various peoples that become politically intertwined with Troy, to eventually join the war against the Greek States.

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