The Plothole
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Homeworld The Never-ending Story
Habitat Aethereal Planes
Race/Forms Singular
First Appearance NeS Page 1
Characters Main Characters

Minor Characters

The gods of The Never-ending Story come in a vast array of types that range from those confined to the Earth and are viewed as a common part of Earthly mythology, to those extraterrestrial gods that exist well beyond the norms of The Never-ending Story narrative. The gods of Earth have, due to their 'mythological status', mostly gathered together in one aethereal plane of existence known as Mount Olympus - originally the residence of the Grecian Gods. Some of these gods feature more prominently within the NeS than others, even acting as Characters and directly being involved within the story, such as Ares and Athena. God, of Heaven, is not amongst those on Mount Olympus.

Grecian Gods

The Grecian Gods of Ancient Greece are amongst the most commonly seen gods of the NeS. Due to this they became the 'standard' of the gods and their realm, Mount Olympus, became the realm of all mythological gods. Their involvement in the NeS largely revolves around the God of War, Ares, whose Earthly-bound activities often pit him as protagonist, antagonist or general deus ex machina in many Story Arcs.

Egyptian Gods


Roman Gods



Demi-Gods are literally half-god, half-mortal. Sired by a single god and a human, the demi-god is often born and raised in the mortal world but would discover that they have some kind of supernatural power. This power is often a pale imitation of their godly parent's ability, or something that represents their parent's aspect. Nick, the son of Ares, had the power of super strength because his father was the God of War. Often the descendants of these original demi-gods also possess legendary powers of their lineage and, though not directly demi-gods, may be considered as such by many.

  • Nick - son of Ares
  • Septimus Prime - son of Minerva


God of War

Many gods have been designated "The God of War", even within a single religion. The most commonly known within the Story Realm is Ares. However his cousin, Athena, has a claim to the title too. Ares is considered to be the violence and blood-lust of battle, while Athena personifies the strategy and discipline of warfare.


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