The Plothole
Gebohq the Writer
1999 - Present
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First Appearance NeS1 Post 1, NeS1 Page 1
Story Arcs Never-ending Story

The Fight of the Century of the Week | Totallyevil (Story Arc)

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Gebohq the Writer is the longest-standing, and most prominent, Writer for the Never-ending Story and the Never-ending Story2. He is often considered the "Editor" in the Writers' Realm and has introduced core characters and concepts that have been used consistently throughout NeS' lifespan.


The Fight of the Century of the Week

Main article: The Fight of the Century of the Week

Gebohq the Writer wrote in an April Fools' Post wherein his Character Gebohq Simon pushed a big red button that shut down the thread and brought about The End of the Story. The whole while, within the arena the other NeS Heroes had been battling to the death against Grand Admiral Thrawn's Imperial forces. Once it was over Gebohq the Writer revealed that it had all been a jest to The Editor, who was not impressed and ordered him to go and write a real post[NeS1 1]. MaybeChild is unhappy about the posts that Otter the Writer made during her absence[NeS1 2] and she chases him down with a bat. A tour group are at the ISB Offices, however, and MaybeChild the Writer becomes distracted by the tour guide's large breasts, trips on Semievil333 the Writer's empty coke can, and breaks Gebohq the Writer's computer[NeS1 3]. When The Editor wants new ideas on where to take the Story next, Gebohq the Writer and Otter the Writer propose a porno. Despite being rejected, Gebohq the Writer continues his pitch until MaybeChild the Writer offers him money to not talk about sex for just one hour. Gebohq the Writer is dubious that he could make it so long[NeS1 4].


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