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Enchilada Man is a Mexican food salesman, mostly selling enchiladas. He travels the galaxy in his spacecraft, El Taco Grande, and uses a multitude of food-based weapons and gadgets. Originally from the planet Espna-nol, Enchilada Man first arrived in the Never-ending Story trying to sell NeS Heroes some enchiladas in the Arena. His 'best customer' was Miss Fire, but she would later turn out to be his sister.



Enchilada Man wears a large sombrero and has a big bag on his side where he keeps his food[NeS1 1].


Enchilada Man is a salesman first-and-foremost. He even has his own song he likes to sing to entice customers[NeS1 1]. He's keen to please customer's requests and goes out of his way to get them what they want[NeS1 2]. He is humble about his position and seeks to avoid conflict, declaring that he is no fighter[NeS1 3].



Enchilada Man's cooking skills are evident from his delicious wares[NeS1 1].

Food Weapons

Enchilada Man shows the ability to use mere food as a very accurate projectile[NeS1 3].


El Taco Grande

Main article: El Taco-Grande

El Taco-Grande is the spaceship belonging to Enchilada Man and is shaped like a giant taco[NeS1 3].

Enchilada Bag

He owns a bag crammed with enchilada snacks. Though usually these are for selling, he's more than willing to use them to hit people with if he has to[NeS1 3].

Big Burrito Blaster

The Big Burrito Blaster is able to spray "bean bullets", cheeze and hot sauce. This weapon is fairly non-lethal and may, in fact, be used during Enchilada Man's cooking and may never have been intended to be used on people. However he does, indeed, use it to contain people and make his escape from the scene[NeS1 4].


Rex is the pet dewback that Enchilada Man owns. Assuming this creature is the same as the original source material, then it is a lumbering beast with green skin[Ext 1]. It is slow moving and large enough to transport people on its back. Enchilada Man himself rode the dewback at one point, but otherwise uses the creature as a beast of burden, carting his foodstuffs for sale[NeS1 4].


In a unspecified location within the solar system, Enchilada Man has a hideout that he retreats to when he has to[NeS1 4].


Miss Fire

Enchilada Man was close to Miss Fire when he first entered the arena[NeS1 1], later citing her as a preferred customer and avoided blasting her with his big burrito blaster[NeS1 4].


Enchilada Man not only sells his own wares, but hires others to sell his food products too[NeS1 5].


The Fight of the Century of the Week

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Enchilada Man arrives in Ares' Colosseum looking to sell his Mexican food to people. His first customer is Miss Fire who wants his signature enchiladas[NeS1 1]. When Miss Fire is surprised by the heat of the enchiladas, Enchilada Man goes off to get lemonade from Galvatron[NeS1 2]. On his way back he sees Bob Hope[NeS1 6] but when Enchilada Man asks for his autograph, Bob Hope says he has somewhere important to be and quickly leaves[NeS1 7]. When getting more lemonade Twin Suns mistakenly thinks Galvatron is peeing into Enchilada Man's cup. To prove it's just lemonade, Galvatron drinks it. Unfortunately he's a robot and so his head explodes and lands in the snake pit of the arena[NeS1 8]. Enchilada Man helps Galvatron with some basic repairs and then Galvatron uses his extendible arms to retrieve his head from the pit while Enchilada Man returns to Miss Fire[NeS1 9]. As per the rules of the tournament, Rob X decides to tag Enchilada Man in even if he doesn't want to fight[NeS1 10]. Declaring that he's no Jedi and cannot fight, Enchilada Man starts to throw food at everyone. One enchilada slaps Rob X in the chest and Enchilada Man tags him back in before fleeing aboard his spaceship, El Taco-Grande back to his own planet of Espa-nol[NeS1 11].

Sometime later, however, he suddenly returns to the colosseum when he heard there was a Western theme. When he arrived, however, he'd missed it. While Enchilada Man is searching for something in his wares, atop of Rex the dewback, someone shoots at him. When he then threatened the person, everyone started to shoot blaster bolts at him. He returned fire with his big burrito blaster, spraying everyone with hot cheeze and bean sauce. He avoided shooting Miss Fire, citing that she is a preferred customer. He then retreated, again, to the El Taco-Grande and flew off to his hideoout[NeS1 4]. Sometime later he was back, selling his goods, in the colosseum. The Otter, however, found his salesmanship to be irritating and used his flint-lock rifle to blow a hole in the cart Enchilada Man was using to keep his food in. Otter then threatened to call the INS[Ext 2], which forced Enchilada Man to scurry off angrily[NeS1 12].


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