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The Earth is where the majority of The Never-ending Story takes place and is the primary location for almost all of the related Story Arcs. The Earth is the birthplace of Humanity and all other human-related species, as well as most of the NeS' Character list. It features a vast array of related locations, including the Arena, the Hall of Heroes and gateways to many other aethereal locations including Mount Olympus and the Eighth Dimension.

North America

North America is a continent in the northern hemisphere of Earth and is attached to the South American continent. North America is home to important countries of the western world, such as the United States of America and Canada[Ext 1].

Redwood Forest

Main article: Redwood Forest

The Redwood Forest is a redwood forest in an unspecified location where the Redwood Druids live[NeS1 1].

United States of America

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The United States of America sits to the south of North America, between Canada and Mexico[Ext 2].

US Characters

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South America

South America is the southern half of the Americas and is connected to North America and is largely known as the Spanish-speaking half due to colonisation efforts of Spain during the colonisation era[Ext 3].


Europe is a continent that makes up half of the larger Eurasian continent and is home to western civilisation. It consists of many countries that have dominated the modern era of human civilisation, such as Great Britain and France[Ext 4].

British Isles

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland

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The United Kingdom is a unification of lands on the British Isles, which it shares with Ireland. It is separated from the mainland of Europe by the English Channel where sits France[Ext 5].

British Characters
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Central Europe


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France is located in the west of Europe, separated from the United Kingdom by the English Channel[Ext 6] through Brittany[Pan 1].

French Characters
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Southern Europe

Located in southern Europe is the Mediterranean where ancient nations of Egypt, Greece, Rome and Carthage would wage trade and war[Leg 1].



Hellenic Republic

The Hellenic Republic, more commonly known as Greece, is located in the south-east and acts as a crossroads between Europe, Asia and Africa[Ext 7].

Grecian Characters

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TBA -Phoenicians




Africa is the original birthplace of homo sapiens who spread throughout the world after emigrating across the thin landmass that connects Africa to the Middle-East. It has some of the world's oldest nations, including Egypt, but many areas have long been disadvantaged technologically during the modern era[Ext 8].






Asia is the largest and most populous continent on the planet and is usually broken up between the Middle East and the Far East. It contains wildly differing cultures and is home to ancient nations such as India and China[Ext 9].


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India is a country located in southern Asia and is one of the most populous of all nations. It borders with several countries, including China[Ext 10]. One of India's most prominent religions is Hinduism where they worship the Hindu Gods, such as Vishnu[NeS1 2].

Indian Characters


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Chinese Characters


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The Oceania mostly consists of the large island nation of Australia, but includes several smaller islands, such as New Zealand. It is located south of Asia and is a major contributor to the modern era[Ext 11].



New Zealand


The Ditch

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The Ditch is a mockingly named, small island between New Zealand and Australia that is owned by Losien Simon and acts as a base of operations for the NeS Heroes[NeS3 1].


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