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Dr Evil is a member of the Evil World Leaders Organisation and the head of the Disney Corporation. He is a supervillain and the father of another supervillain, Totallyevil. Semievil is also one of his children, who has acted both in his father's favour and against him.





Dr Evil seems oblivious to the strife between his children[NeS1 1]. He also thinks his own daughter is actually a man[NeS1 2].

Powers & Talents



Flying Big Boy

Dr Evil has a Big Boy[Ext 1] statue that he can stand inside and travel around. Its door is in the seat of its pants[NeS1 3].


The Fight of the Century of the Week

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Dr Evil is merely mentioned during the first Story Arc of the NeS by Arbiter. Arbiter muses whether Semievil, who appeared in the Colosseum along with Arbiter, was actually the son of Dr Evil - another member, along with Arbiter, of the Evil World Leader Organisation[NeS1 4].


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The heroes of the Story, along with Semievil, were battling against Totallyevil and Farr at Stonehenge when their fight was suddenly interrupted by a giant Big Boy[Ext 1] falling from the sky. The seat of its pants opened to reveal a mysterious figure[NeS1 3]. Taking advantage of the distraction, Semievil cast an illusion to turn the heroes into rocks and hide[NeS1 5]. Angrily, Totallyevil turned to the figure who was revealed to be her father, Dr Evil, and asked if he brought his laser so she could blast the rocks. Dr Evil seemed upset because he thought she and her brother were getting along[NeS1 1]. Unable to deal with the heroes, Totallyevil decided to go and conquer the world with Farr. Dr Evil agreed to go with her but seemed to think his own daughter was actually a boy[NeS1 2].




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