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Although deity and god are the same terms, often the term "deity" is used more when addressing the likes of the Cosmic Deities and gods that exist through their own power as opposed to the rights of worship. Planetary deities are normally called gods. Yet both terms can be used interchangeably. Most, though not all, deities can be placed into a Pantheon of beings that have worked out a system of mutual governance of their respective universes.

Cosmic Deities

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The Cosmic Deities includes most of the deities that exist beyond worlds. They span the cosmos and usually rule over other deities or demons. They can take on grand domains of influence, including metaphysical concepts such as time[Pan 1].


Narrative Deities

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Narrative Deities are deities that manage the meta mechanics of the Story, governing and managing its meta concepts[Pan 1]. These deities aren't necessarily worshipped by anyone but they are most commonly known by experts of the narrative mechanics (citations needed).

  • Eternius, the Omnarrator
  • PublisherGod
  • CensorGod
  • CopyrightGod
  • EditorGod
  • CharacterGod
  • HorseGod
  • WriterGod

12 God-Monarchs

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The Twelve God-Monarchs are a cabal of gods founded on the mission to bring down the Highemperor of the High Empire. They rule Mega Jonestown Prime and, along with the city, have slunk out of time-space to consolidate their power to defeat him upon their return. In their service they have several other deities operating for them (citation needed).

Planetary Gods

Most gods are usually bound to their planets, upon which are their designated worshippers. The term "god" is more commonly applied to these deities.

Pantheon of Indra

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The gods of Indra are planet-bound gods that are heavily invested in their people, the Indrans. This pantheon consists of twelve gods, each with their own very unique personalities, appearances and domains[Int 1].


Terran Deities

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Usually called 'gods' rather than deities, the gods of Earth exist primarily upon that world - though some have been known to have branched out to other locations in the NeSiverse. Almost all of the gods of Earth have communed upon Mount Olympus since faith in their existence has waned (citation needed). God, however, has made a home in Burundi (citation needed).

Example Members


Some deities aren't members of a pantheon of any sort, either because of their station or because they don't wish to share power.

  • Highemperor
  • Nameless
  • God of the Concept of "Left"
  • Goddess of Socially Awkward Penguins
  • God of Cold Places
  • Life
  • Death
  • Quantum God


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